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is it safe to heat formula in the microwave, i know you cant heat breastmilk, so is it the same for 26 formula. smile

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I always heated my daughter's forula in the microwave. You just have to make sure that you shake it a bit afterwards to ensure the heat is evenly distributed.

I was told heating the formula in the microwave can kill the nutrients in it. It is best to heat the water in the microwave then add the formula and shake well. I have done this with both my boys


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I heat it in the microwave. I boil the water on the stove and pre make bottles and store them in the fridge but not for more than 24 hours. I've had no problems and the health centre hasn't a problem with it either.


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I read recently (sorry can't remember where) that although heating formula in the microwave can kill some of the nutrients that it doesn't effect it that much and is therefore not a problem.

I heat my bub's bottles in the microwave. It's so quick and easy with a screaming baby at 2am.

Just make sure you shake it up well to get rid of any hot spots.

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