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Trouble Expressing Breast Milk Lock Rss

Does anyone have any tips on increasing my milk supply.

I have a 3 week old baby and feeding was going really well, but all of a sudden I dont seem to be able to express as much.

Please help smile

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Hi Zacs Mum

Congratulations on your new baby! It's so good to hear that feeding is going well for you. I'm no expert - I only have one baby (so far) - he's 8 months old and I'm still breastfeeding him. A reason you may not be able to express as much milk is that as your baby and your body get used to each other, in regard to breastfeeding, your milk supply evens out to what your baby needs. I never had the need to express as I don't have any immediate plans to go back to work, however in the early days my milk supply didn't seem very abundant - the nurses at the clinic suggested the best way to increase my supply was to feed more frequently. I would suggest contacting the Australian Breastfeeding Association, your local clinic or the lactation consultant at your hospital they should be able to help you out.

All the best!

hi zacs mum,

congratulations on the birth of your son, aren't they the most precious things.

i have a 5 month girl and i had problems expressing as well, i thought it was something i was doing. i rarely express but the best thing i found was to drink heaps of water, eat the right foods and express from 1 boob while i was feeding from the other, a handful i know but you get the hang of it. hope this may help. let me know how it goes.
Hello again Zacsmum,

congratulations on the birth of your baby, is it boy or girl & what did you name it?
feeding baby every 3 hours instead of 4 for 2 or 3 days should boost your milk supply quite well. once your milk has settled down (it sounds like it has) you should express about 20ml from each side & refridgerate then freeze it when it cools down & if you do the same after each feed you can add it to the frozen milk as long as it has cooled first.
but if you need more there's no harm in a top up bottle each day.
if you would like to chat or get some advice on anything you can email me at

([email protected])

hope to hear from you.

Tanya, had 3 boys under 26 months

Hi Girlies

This is more about colostrum as I haven't had my bub yet. I am able to hand express from both sides and there seems plenty there but one side you just have to touych the areola and I can squirt a fair distance the other side doesn't squirt it just comes out like droplets.

1) Is it ok to squeeze it out? I won't run out of colostrum before the birth will I?
2) Does this mean that this fuller breast will have more milk in it or will they even out when the baby starts feeing from both?

Any advice you could give me would be great

Love Steph

Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

Hi Steph,

I am not going to be much help, but will share my story. I have a 7 week old baby boy, and from around 30 weeks of pregnancy I noticed that my right breat would leak every so often, and the left one never did. I never really paid any attention to it, until after Ashton was born, and ever since then my right breast continues to produce more milk from the moment my milk came in. I was told that it would calm down when my milk settled, but it still continues to make more milk, particularly noticeable in the morning.
Thanx to all for you replies.

To answer some of you questions I have a baby boy and we called him Zac

Thanx for the tips

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