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Should I change her formula again???? Lock Rss


I have a 2 week old daughter, I had her on SMA formula since birth, but the childhealth nurse told me to change her to either heinz or karicare formula as she was constapated on SMA..... I have put her on the heinz starter, but after every feed she vomits, even when we get a heaps of burpies from her.
Should we change to Karicare? Has anyone had this problem with heinz and what do u think of Karicare.
My first daughter was given SMA from birth and didn't have a problem.

Any info would be great

?Anni? QLD, Mummy 2 Courtney & Madisyn040.05)

Hi Anni,
My son was on S26gold and he was VERY constipated. I ended up putting him onto Nan HA1 (it's around $18.65) and it's easily digested. Since I put him onto it, he hasn't been constipated again. He vomits a little bit, but other than that he's ok with the formula. A friend of mine started her son with SMA from birth too and changed him over to Nan HA1 cause he was also constipated and he was going well with it until this week, she took him to the doctor and his problem is that he's lactose intolorant (sp?) and he's now on Karicare (the soy based one). I have a few friends that used Karicare and they seemed to have no problems with it. Either way, you might want to ring the 24 hour phone number for the child health nurse just to get a second opinion, but I don't think Karicare should give her any problems.
Let me know how she goes. And good luck.
My sister had this problem when her son was 3 weeks old and the drs said it was because her baby couldn't digest the proteins in formula properly. Cows milk (in formulas) is quite different to human milk. She used a special pre-digested formula (can't think of the name but I think it was a karicare one) and actually called the breastfeeding association to help her start breastfeeding again (she had stopped just after he was born) the specialist said that lots of babies who react to formula also react to soy, so now she is partly breastfeeding plus a top up of the expensive pre-digested stuff and he's fantastic - no constipation or colic or rashes like he had before.
I hope you find something that helps, it's so hard to cope when your baby is in pain.

AJs mum

Thanks heaps for the input
Since posting the thread, my l'il girl has had bad reflux, but has settled down compared to what it was..... And having a regular bowl movement.
For the reflux they want me to try her on Karicare AR, but she had other ideas, she wouldn't have a bar of it. So we had to try the positioning, which worked wonders.

thnx again

?Anni? QLD, Mummy 2 Courtney & Madisyn040.05)

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