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I have a 5 week old girl Tahlia, i was woundering if anyone could help me once i have feed her she gets wind and no matter what i do i can not get it out, we have been using mylanta befor and after the feed. If anyone has hints on this that would be great it takes me so long to settle her then it is time for a feed agian.

Tahlia- jane born 13/01/04 & Sienna Lily

Hi emj,

my little girl who is near 4mths old now has suffered wind from birth fairly badly have you tried something like infants friend or bauer wind relief(natural remedy) you can get it from the chemist and they do seem to work. I kno wof alot of other mother sthat use either one and think its great. I hope I have helped in some way.

Deb, Vic

Hi emj

I agree with Deb both my kids had bad wind/colic I used the Bauer Colic Herbal Drops & sware by them. I also used Karicare Formula I found that to be best for wind.

Hope I've helped a little!

Hi, I have a 4 week old boy Blake who also has trouble with wind - im trying a range of things to see what works - ive been told to avoid certain foods such as cabbage, brocoli, cauliflower, onion, garlic, beans, celery and spices as they may upset babies. Im also trying gripe water - available at chemist and supermarket and Weleda colic powder from herbal shop. Am also drinking a herbal tea myself - fennel seeds. Its a mission getting those bubbles up - its the only time my little boy gets upset. good luck let me know how you go. Brooke

Blakes mum

Hi again, I forgot to add that I also have elevated the back of the babies basinette by putting a couple of encyclopaedias under the two back legs so that he is on a slight angle - in hospital (in NZ where I had my baby) they elevate all basinettes. hope these tips are helpful.

Blakes mum

Hi i have a 8 wk old boy Thomas he gets terrible stomach aches I somtimes give him some cooled boiled water when he is distressed and also laying him on his stomach for a little while {suppervised} often helps the nurse told me it takes the pressure off there stomachs and often i find when i turn him over he does a big burp or passes wind if the wind had gone down to far i do some massage on his stomach i read how to do it in a book called 100 ways to calm the crying by Pinky MCKay it is an excellent book for lots of problems ive found myself reading it at 3am many times and ive found some great advice in it. And when everyting fails and im cant cope in the car we go for a drive around the streets it works a treat. Good luck and remember your not alone thats what i keep telling myself when im awake every 2 hours some nights i say to myself there thousands if not more mothers out there awake doing the same things as me. Ps i used mylanta and found it made things worse and i tryed infacol and it seemed to make it worse also so try the boiled water if you can.

Michelle NSW,8wk boy


My Ryan has always suffered from a bit of wind but normally he is really good at burping it up.

This last week though while he has been going through a growth spurt and feeding more frequently during the day he seems to be getting wind really bad. It is just heartbreaking hearing him scream in pain until he is able to burp it up or fart it out. The only good thing is he only gets it during the day and has been fine during the night sleeping 10 hrs.

I have been trying Bauers Colic drops which seem to help (but he hates the taste). The instructions don't say though if I should give before, during or after a feed cause you can only give every 4 hours. I also heard babies only get painful wind till they are 3 months ... does anyone know if this is true?

I also find because of his wind I can only sleep Ryan on his stomach cause laying him on his back makes it worse. On his stomach he is able to burp it up himself.

He has always had wind on and off since birth but this last couple of days it has gotten really bad to the stage where he has it half the day. I haven't been eating any differently and he seems to be latching on fine so he shouldn't be sucking in air. He does tend to get a little over-enthusiastic when feeding though and gulp no matter how far back I try and lean so the milk doesn't flood him too fast. Does anyone have any suggestions how to prevent bubs getting wind in the first place?

Thanks for you help

Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

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