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Nan Gold 1 HA & Sleeping through the night Lock Rss

I have been feeding my daughter the Nan Gold 1 HA formula since she was 7 weeks old (she is now 11 weeks), as this was the one the paediatrician suggested. Most other babies I know of on formula sleep through the night, but my baby will only sleep 4 hours.

I am wondering if this is because this formula is easy to digest.

My daughter seems to like the formula, but I only make up the amount for the "up to 2 months" section on the tin, as she only drinks 100-150 ml, only occasionally drinking 160ml. And instead of having 5 bottles a day, she can have anywhere from 6 to 8 bottles.

Does anyone else find this?

Hi Trudi,
My son is 10 weeks old to tommorrow and he had been on the Nan Gold 1HA formula since he was 9 weeks old. He started of on S26, but that didnt agree with him. I have never had any trouble with the Nan, which is pretty good since he is a reflux baby. Of a night time do you feed her when you thinks she needs food or do you let her get really grizzly first? Our routine is we let him have a play on his play mat for anywhere from 15-30min at about 9-9:30pm (depending on what time he awake) we wait till he get quite grizzly then we give him a warm bath Johnsons lavender oil bath, then we put him in his pj's (we have 2 grow suits that are strictly for sleeping) then we feed him, by that time he is quite hungry and he will drink 180m, which we feed in his room with just a night light (all other feeds during the day are in the living room). He usually falls asleep by the end of the bottle. He will sleep a good 7 hours, if not till 8:30 the next morning. We found that having the same routine every night gives him the signal that its bed time and time for a good sleep. I know its hard, but I know its a good formula, but I guess all babies are different... Good Luck,


Hi Trudi
My son was sleeping through the night on the Heinz Gold at about 2 months. But when I changed to Nan Gold 1HA he stopped that, and I was frustrated cos I knew he could sleep for longer! The midwife suggested I change him to the Nan Gold rather - basically the HA is made of Whey Protein, which doesn't fill them for long. (It's more for babies who are at high risk of allergies.) The Nan Gold is 70%whey and 30% casein. It's the Casein which keeps them full - think Curds and Whey. (You'll find the Nan Gold milk much more "grainy".) Now that he's on the Nan Gold he's sleeping through again - what a pleasure!!! So basically the higher the casein content, the more they stay full. (The Heinz Gold is also great and is a 60% whey: 40% casein content.) Changing the formula will make life bearable again!!!!
I think it just depends on the baby - they are all different.

My DD was initially on Karicare Gold, but was constipated and not sleeping through.

We switched to Nan HA Gold quite early on, and she has gone really well on it. She has been sleeping through from about 8wks.
I agree with the PP.

It depends on the baby.

My son has been fully formula feed since 3wks old first with Nan Gold 1 HA then with Karicare Infant and now with Karicare De-Lact. He is now 14wks and still wakes 1 - 2 times a night. He has only ever slept through once.
My daughter starting sleeping through when she was 6 weeks old. By 8 weeks she was sleeping 8 hours at night!

By 8 weeks she was fully formula fed, before that she was breast and formula fed.

S26 disagreed with her, our GP said it is quite thick and sweet and to try Nan or Karicare as they are thinner and closer to the consistancy of breast milk. I tried one tin of Karicare and settled with Nan. At first she was on Nan with the silver lid but I then moved her onto the Nan 1 HA with the gold lid. I only changed from silver as two tins I had purchased from two different store (with different use by dates) both had particles in them. One tin was freshly opened and I found a black particle in the bottle I was feeding her....very scary. When I continued to sift through the new tin, there was more. The company collected the formula from me and I decided to move to the gold lid as it was made in a different country. And thanks goodness no problems.

At 10 weeks my daughter started having a very watery mix of farex. She simply wasn't satisfied with milk. I spoke to my GP and he said it was fine as long as it was very runny and she still kept up her milk intake.

I started to give her a little in the morning about an hour after her first bottle and would give her a little at night about 45 mins after her last feed. She started to sleep like a gem. She would have her last bottle and farex by 7 or 8pm and that was it. She was good until 6am the next morning.

Not sure if this is suitable for your little one.
We must always remember that sleeping through is as much a developmental issue as a feeding one and some babies will not be able to go for long periods until 6 months or older. My wee man only dropped a night feed around the 6 month mark and he was formula feed. I know it is hard but things will get better. Do you dreamfeed? If not this might help you get some more night hours out of baby. Try to get baby in bed around 7pm and then at about 10.30pm carefully pick up baby (the idea is not to wake) place the bottle to their lips and see if you can get them to 'dreamfeed'. Just hold baby slightly upright to burb at end- if asleep they will suck gently and not take on much wind- at least that is the theory. It does not work for all babies but many find that after a week or two this helps baby get through the late night, early morning period without feeding.

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