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Sleeping in OWN cot?????? Lock Rss

Hello everyone
I have a problem, my daughter wont sleep in her own cot at night, but if she is in our bed she sleeps fine, only waking for a feed then she is back to sleep. If i put her in the cot she wakes up every hour or so, then wont settle for 2hrs or so....... She is only 13days old but the nights are driving me crazy.
Anybody got any ideas?

WA Sasha 6/1/04

My daughter is almost 6 weeks old and i am trying to get her to sleep in her own cot, in her own room but she seems to wake up every hour and screams the house down!

Apparently (a friend told me) you are supposed to put them down just as they are going to sleep so that they are aware of where you are putting them, so that when they wake up they are not frightened to be alone.

I tried this and it seemed to help although only during the day. During the night Talana will only sleep if in bed with us or in her rocker.

Maybe this will help you?

Also have you tried wrapping her? Most babies get woken up by throwing their arms and legs around.

Mummy to Talana Michelle Kimberley (13/12/2003)

Hi Mel,

I have a seven week old little girl. Through guilt given by my to me by friends and family I tried to put my little girl in her cot to sleep at two weeks. What I would do was potter around in her room, eg,put her clothes away fold items up etc. I also bought her a lullaby cd which I would play. This worked for a few days then just not happeing. I decided to move her back to her cradle in our bedroom. I personally feel that two weeks old is just to young to trying to get her to sleep on their own. It is at this age they are developing trust, and confidence in their cries. To much pressure is placed on what is socially acceptable. Whatevers works I say, you can't spoil a new born and they have not yet learn't the art of manipulation. Since I have stopped feeling guilty about the so called right and wrongs of baby sleeping arrangements we are all sleeping much better.

Kylie mama 2 Summah now 9.5 mths

Hi there,

I know exactly what you're going through - although in reverse!! DS2 has never been able to settle himself (he is now four months old) although ATM he is doing a lot better than he was in the first six weeks. From what I've read some babies are born not knowing how to settle themselves. I didn't know this as DS1 was the complete polar opposite to DS2. DS1 always settled himself and was a dream.

What I found helped me during the day was to either rock him in a rocker (or bouncinette) and just lately the pram and then transfer him to his cot. At night he usually settles himself although in the first few weeks in the wee hours I would bring him into bed with us so as I could get some shut eye lol. Have you tried a dummy, perhaps slipping it into his mouth just as he is starting to fall asleep and then putting bubs back into the cot?

Also read up as much info as you can regarding this, I can highly recommend a book called "100 ways to Calm the Crying" by Pinky Mckay. In that book there are heaps of different techniques used to help you to learn how to settle bubs.

Good Luck..

Melanie, Qld, Joshua J 18.04.02 & Jacob M 04.10.03

Hi Mel,

I too have that problem but only of a day time. I now let my daughter sleep in her rocker of a day however she does sleep in her cot of a night. I tried many things but I found what worked for me originally was to wrap her in a light muslin wrap and I put a rolled up cloth nappy on either side of her up close to her body to make her feel secure. When she cried I would just pat her and talked to her in a calm voice for 2 min then left her for 5 mins and go back and to the same thing all over again. She now goes down without a wrap and awake. At 11 weeks she puts herself to sleep without crying and now sleeps 6-7 hrs. The first few times I did this was hard as I thought I was being mean although it got easier each time and after a week or so we both slept well of a night in our own beds.

Rebecca, 3mth baby

Thank you ladies for your advice.

I think that trying to get her to sleep by herself was a bit unrealistice. She hopfully will grow out of needing to touch me all the time.......

Thanks again ladies, let me know if you have any other ideas
Good luck with your little ones
Mel, and sasha 6/1/04

WA Sasha 6/1/04

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