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Help, my son just refuses to sleep in his pram whilst we are out and about. He used to love it and would fall asleep within 10 mins but now (he's 11 weeks) he just lays there and grizzles and eventually starts screaming. I've tried covering the pram so he cant see out but that just seems to make him even more agitated. Can anyone offer any suggestions?. Its getting to the point where I dont feel like I can even take him out to the shops.

Mum 2 Cameron

Hi Wildflower! Have you tried toys? You can buy these great toys from Playgro for the pram, some clip on the hood and dangle! I have found it gives my restless 3.5 month old something to occupy her mind with! Hope this helps!

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I too experienced this problem today. My second child is 11 weeks too. I found today that I had to stop pushing the pram every so often and just talk to and smile at him. I then went and purchased one of those dangly toys to hand off the pram. This then kept him occupied for a while - long enough to get some decent shopping done. I have found in the past that making sure there is a full tummy before shopping also helps too. Hope you have more luck soon.
hi wildflower. my baby had trouble staying settled in the pram too, until I wrapped him and put him in the pram. Sometimes he still cries and I just have to keep the pram moving to calm him down. Sometimes nothing will work and I will have to pick him up, but wrapping works most of the time for us.

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My third child is now 2 and half months and none of my children have slept in the pram. The only way we could ever get them to be quiet was to pick them up, a feed is the only other way to settle my kids. Sorry I know this does not help, but it shows you are not alone.
My 5 week old also won't sleep in the pram - it's frustrating at mothers group when all the other bubbies are sleeping in theirs and I have to hold mine for two hours so he'll sleep! He'll doze off for a while if I'm walking with him in the pram, but the minute I stop he's awake. Just so you know you aren't alone!
DS2 never sleeps in the pram whilst we are out. I can completely sympathise with you on that!! He'll sleep in it at home during the day when I am rocking him back and forth over a bump. I think that for him there is too much noise/stimulation outside the home. I know there isn't any advice here for you, but I just wanted to let you know that you are definately no alone.

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Sorry no advice from me either as my daugher - 17 weeks - won't sleep in her pram either.

I now fill it with toys and hope that she's happy to play in it long enough to allow me to do shopping, or eat lunch out.

Therese, BRISBANE, 3yr old boy 6 wk girl

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