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Sterilisation of Dummies Lock Rss

Hi All

I was wondering if anyone could shed light on what to do after I have sterilised the dummies.
The dummies have no caps on, so after they are sterilised, how does one store them until they are used, as well as can they only be used for a single "suck" session (pun intended), before needing to be sterilised again?

Anxious Dad
Try to sterilise them at least once a day, maybe at night once bub has gone to sleep! So long as the dummy doesn't come into contact with any unclean surfaces I don't think you should have to sterilise the dummy everytime! To store the dummy? How about buying a little plastic container and sterilising it to store the dummy in...a size that will fit the dummy in nice and snug? Hope I have helped! Good to hear of a dad who is taking an interest in their child's health!! Best wishes!

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

Hi glevy. We were told in the hospital the best way to store sterilised bottles was on the fridge. They also advised once everything was sterilised to let them air dry. They said to make sure you put them on a shelf in the fridge not the door as everytime the door was opened the temp would change too much. We store our sons dummies in a tupperware container and leave them in the fridge. When we go out we use a smaller container to put the dummy in and put that in the nappy bag. I usually have a few dummies when I am out in case one gets dropped or my son throws it out of his pram. We also sterilise once a day at night when my son is asleep. If I am not sure how clean the dummy is during the day i.e. left out or dropped at home, then I rinse it under the hot water tap for about 10 seconds and let it air dry.We have not had any problems with this. Hope this helps!!
I was told when I was in hospital and by many child health nurses and midwives that sterilising dummies is no longer necessary, and that simply running the dummy under hot water for a few moments is sufficant. This is what I do for my 2 month old baby (who adores his dummy!!!!)

We don't sterilise our bub's dummies either. Just a rinse under the hot water tap.

I can understand having to sterilise all her feeding equipment but I don't sterilise her toys which go in her mouth or her hands, why do the dummy.

I was so concerned about this a few weeks back and asked nearly everyone I came into contact with taking particular notes from the childhood nurse...(silly me)

I had responses such as the dummy needs to be sterilised directly before giving it to your baby (which is alittle hard when you have to distract a baby for 20mins while the electrical steriliser or 4 mins while the microwave steriliser do their jobs and even worse if you use Milton which takes 1 hour to sterilise!

I was told that if you let them air dry, bacteria walk along and attach themselves to the equipment. The best advice in relation to this type of question, is best answered by friends as the professionals need to tell you what they have been trained.

I agree with what has been posted already ... sterilise once at night unless it hits the floor...then depending on how dirty the floor is either run under cold water (hot water tank has alot of dirt buildup unless brand spanker) or resterilise.

Daniella, Sydney, 15 month old

hey guyz,
we used to boil our daughters dummys for 5 mins but found it was weaking them and she was clapising them so all we do now is clean it when we are cleanning her bottles with det and then pour boiling water over it.......

karen,NSW, mummy to Caitlin Born 14 weeks early

Hi there!
I used to buy about 3 or 4 dummies and sterillise them each nite before i went to bed, apart from the one in her mouth obviously wink then in the morning i would put the cap on each one and keep them in a container on the kitchen bench and swap the one she was using for each sleep or as i felt nessecary, then put them all back in the milton again before bed, this seemed to work for me as i would do all the bottles, teethers and dummies together! I aslo used to buy new ones about each month as i didn't use the silicone type which last longer.
Good Luck to you all!!

Sarah,VIC 18mth daughter

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