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SOS routine and 2 and half week old Lock Rss

I am trying the SOS routine and currently on the 2-4 week routine. DS is waking up between 5:30 and 6:00 in the morning and I cant resettle him or distract him to make it through to the 7:00am feed time. With my feeds taking around 1 hour (and sometimes longer with burping and nappy changing)he then is generally ready to go back to bed at 7:00am. This puts the rest of the days routine out, sometimes by an 1 hour - 1.5 hours. During the night he is generally waking around 1:30 - 2:30am, although I try my best to get him back on schedule throughout the day so that he takes the afternoon and night time feeds on time. Does anyone have experience with the SOS routines and have any ideas as to how I get DS to sleep a little later, say until the routines 3:30am timeslot, and then hopefully sleep until the 7:00am feed ? Am I expecting too much from my 2 week old and fitting into a routine ? Thanks for your help.
It is a book called "Save Our Sleep" by Tizzie Hall. The website address is
my ds is 10 weeks old and i too have been trying to follow the sos routine. my problem is i cant keep him awake for the recommended time espesially after the first feed in the morning. i have now started to modify the routine to his natural sleeping habits, and is so much better. i accept that he will only have a 40min sleep in the morning but will then sleep for 3 hours at lunch time. i think dont stress out too much if the timing isnt exact do what suits you and your baby, some can stay up alot longer than others.
SOS is almost the same as Babywise in some cases
I've just put up this post

The American Academy of Pediatrics issued a "Media Alert" in which the organization emphatically "reaffirms its stance that the best feeding schedules for babies are the ones babies design themselves." The alert went on to say that "scheduled feedings designed by parents may put babies at risk for poor weight gain and dehydration."

About Babywise
Medical textbook co-author Kathleen Auerbach, Ph.D., a nationally known International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), concurs. "This is completely out of keeping with how infants sleep and eat. An 8-week-old infant gets approximately 30 percent of all food volume in the hours between midnight and 8 a.m. To deny babies fully one-third of their total food volume by 2 months of age is asking for trouble," says Auerbach.

We worked with SOS and we had big problems with our bub not gaining any weight and not drinking anything.
Please take care
Hi, just thought I would put my 2 cents in, I personally think that you are setting yourself up for dissapointment and stress in trying to get a newborn to follow a routine. The best thing to do is let them set the routine, they really don't need a structured routine until around 6 months of age. I say if they are hungry, feed them and if they want to sleep then let them. I did this with my first and had no problems in getting him into a routine at 6 months and am doing the same with my second, he is now almost 5 months and has been sleeping through for around 3 months and has 2 sleeps during the day anywhere from 1-4 hours, when he wakes he has playtime then a feed, then more playtime then bed but I don't force the issue if he doesn't want to sleep during the day I get him up and let him have a play then try again to get him to have a sleep and if he still doesn't want to then we wait until after his next feed. Every baby is different which makes routines rather difficult the best thing to do is work out your own routine that is based on your baby, not a generic book.

mum to two gorgeous guys

I've just been reading all of your posts on sos routine and am amazed. I don't actually follow a strict routine for my 4mth old, I let him set his own. Funny thing is it is actually similar on MOST days to the sos routine!He is a very content and happy baby and I am a happy mum and definately not sleep deprived. I never really followed a strict routine with my first and he was all over the place with feeds and sleep til about 7mths then he all of a sudden became very routine on his own, but I didn't mind. I think you need to relax and not worry about the pressure for bubs to sleep through the night, why stress when there is no need. What is through the night anyway, everyone has their own theory on what hours class as "all night". I feel that if bubs is happy, healthy and growing and you are happy, let it be.
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Daniy, VIC

How funny is that....just goes to show that one book will really work for one baby and not another.
We've all got such different personalities....isn't it just wonderful! Me personaly I'm a 3hr girl(adult)...I need food water and play often...somtimes more if its cold and wet.
I totally agree with nando here. Let your baby set the pace and go with them. Don't push your baby into routines that may not suit them. They're set the pace for feeds & sleeps.
Hi there,

I used SOS for my first DS and it worked well BUT I only used it from about 4 months old.
I think she's asking for too much for a newborn to follow a routine. It's too hard to get your supply right and express milk in between as well- don't kill yourself about it not working yet, just go with the flow.

DS #2 is 5 mths now and follows the routine OK, you just have to remember that they're only guidelines for your day, let the baby dictate (they're only little just the once). If he wakes up earlier I let him be.

The routines are great for when you have to make appointments etc as thy're a good guide but they shouldn't rule every moment of your day. A newborn is just that-new to everything.
Be kind to yourself and relax, use her routines later.


I agree with Nando as well, unfortunately many first time mums (myself included) are under the impression that you should get a newborn into a routine from day dot and that there should be some daily pattern of times... reality is sometimes they feed more, sometimes less, sometimes they sleep more, sometimes less so times will always be moving and it wont be the same every day. There's also growth spurts, teething, developmental leaps and all sorts of things that affect appetite and sleeping - babies are not little robots.

We did learn pretty quickly though that whats in the book is not how it is in reality and each baby is different, this time round we are going with the flow with no expectations of a routine till around six months - if we get one before then great but we wont think anything of it if we dont, that's life with a small baby and it goes so quickly so we arent going to waste a moment of it stressing about a routine.

I hope many new mums read these posts!
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