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Baby hates cot and moves about uncontrollably. Lock Rss

I am a mother to 11 week old twin girls that will not sleep in their cot unless they are wrapped up. I let them fall asleep in their bouncer chairs and then move them into their cots during the day. They may sleep for 5 - 30 minutes, but then the wake up screaming. That wouldn't be too bad, but they move themselves all around the cot until their hands and feet are sticking out of the bars. I am afraid they will hurt themselves by moving around so much. Everyone I have spoken to says that their babies will just lie still in bed once they are put down. I wrap them up at night so they don't startle themselves awake because I need to get some sleep. It is too hot here to wrap them up during the day so any advice on how to stop them from moving wildly about would be helpful. They end up moving themselves from one end of the cot to the other each time and it is frightening how quickly they do it. Any tips on how to get them to sleep in there would also be appreciated.

I don't know if i have the answers you are looking for, but...

can you wrap them during the day and put a gentle fan on them, i swear by wrapping, if we have a hot day here in NSW, i wrap my son of nearly 6mths, in a muslin wrap, and put the fan on low! I have even tied a ribbon on it, so he can watch it move with the wind as he falls asleep!

Another major sleep association my son has is the fisher-price acquarium! I only have to put the music on now and he knows it is sleep time! I realise this may be hard with twins, but maybe you could get a CD of relaxing music and play it at bed time! Soon enough they may realise this is their cue to sleep,

Best of luck,
Would love to hear more of your twins,

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hi Kuff,
If you find wrapping is neccessary, try using a lighter material like muslin. My 6mth old still needs to be wrapped as she has reflux & is a 'flappy' baby. If I didn't wrap her, neither of us would ever get any rest.
Try elevating one end of the girls' cots as this should make it harder for them to travel up. I use 2 phone books under mine and she's only now strong enough to push herself upwards. I also removed the mobile above her cot as this would stimulate her, thus keeping her awake.
Try to resettle the girls when they wake with a dummy. Not everyone likes them but anything is worth a try to save your sanity. You might also call Tresillian or Karitane for advice or a residential stay to help you get them sleeping. There are private day stay clinics that you could go to for help too.
I think you've got a tough, but never-the-less rewarding, job ahead of you. I'm a twin girl myself & I adore my sister. I still don't understand how my mother did it as we also had 2 older brothers.
The very best of luck,

Peta, NSW, mum of 2 gorgeous girls

Maybe the cot is the problem? I have a few friends who have used a baby hammock to sleep their bubs right up until 12 months. The best one is supposed to be "Amby Baby Hammock". They have a website if you use a search engine to find it. I have used one also but my daughter doesn't have a problem with her cot so I never purchased one for her. When I did use it though she loved it and actually put herself to sleep straight away which is a first for her! The website is worth a look anyway.

Rachel, 20mth girl + 1 on the way

Hiya Kuff, if you are worried about the babies hurting themselve's there are 2 thing you can do 1. buy a cot wrap which goes on the inside of the cot and which is like a padding for baby or 2. fold a towel in 1/2 and roll up thus padding the cot so baby can't put hands and feet through. If they are waking up frightend may you could put one small toy in the corner of the cot so when they do wake up they see the toy. Hope this helps.

Caitlin 19mths, Kiani 4mths.

Also mother of twin girls 18 weeks (12 weeks corrected) and after lots of reading and talking to other parents of twins and singletons that you need to put the babies to bed before they fall asleep supposedly stops them being "frightened" when they wake up cos its not a different place to when they fell asleep. Suggest still wrapping, a good lightweight wrap is called Lalito got it at Target for about $12. Also need to try some settling strategies, eg. wait 30 seconds when they cry to give them a chance to settle, if not asleep go in and settle them (stroking, patting, dummy etc) but don't pick up until they are quiet but not asleep and leave, continue until they sleep (or give up after 30minutes of attempted settling and get them up for short play then back to bed to try again). Are they in the same room? I found that mine would wake each other up from the noise of crying so moved to separate rooms and now its much better. Mind you all this advise might not work but its all worth a try until you find something that works. Stay strong and happy. Good luck

Kim, TAS, 3mth twins

Hi i have a 2 months old baby boy that has been moved frm his bassinet to his cot a month ago and i was affraid of the same thing. i have got a sleep safe. baby lies in the middle of it and there is a long bit at the back so baby cant roll and a smaller bit in the front so layin baby on their sides is safe. or there is the safty sleep where it is fitted round the mattress and wraps around the baby.
hope this helps

Laurelle, Carlos (nearly 3) Kobe (7 months)

Hi i have the same problem and cortney now sleeps in her pram.She is much happier there and seems to sleep better.also she is a baby that likes to be wrapped this is my 5th baby and only 2 of them out of 5 have liked to be wrapped.i think its just the open space they dont like try the pram it has helped me .Good Luck ....Lisa

Lisa NSW 5th baby

Hi Kuff. i have a beautiful 11 week old baby girl and up until 3 weeks ago i would go into her nursery atleast three times a night to shimmy her back down the cot as she would be right up the top. It might sound crazy but the doc told me that she might produce excess gas in ger belly at night and not all newborn babies have the ability to fart easily. I sat up and watched her one night and he was right. As she was trying to fart she would constantly bring her legs up and down and with each downward motion of her legs she pushed herself up the cot. My mhc nurse suggested changing her formula. She is now on NAN1 with bifidus in it and since she went on that she wakes up in the same position i left her in, wrapped and all. The bifidus is meant to put good bacteria into her bowel which obviously helps her fart alot easier. Hope this helps. I know it sounds strange but it worked for me.


Hi, i am a mum to 7 weeks old baby girl, I have slightly same problem here. I tried to put her in the crib but seems she doesnt like it. and she will have a good sleep in the pram or capsule. Since she was born she loves sleep on the capsule until now. When is the best time to introduce baby to sleep in their cot ?


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