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Hi there
I have a month old baby girl who has a constantly changing sleeping pattern. For a few days she will have regular naps of around 2-3 hours. Next thing she will have a few long sleeps of up to 5 hours, followed by shorter naps of an hour and being really hard to settle.
Any advice or settling techniques appreciated


Hey shorty, I have a 15month old baby who has constant changing sleep patterns.When Krystale was a month old all she did was sleep but you couldn't work out a pattern.I have recently been put on a program where i have to let her have a cry to go to sleep of a day because she was at the stage where she wouldn't have a daytime sleep.You are not alone.Hope to hear from you soon.Natasha
Aren't they frustrating little critters.

They seem to go through all sorts of phases and just when you think you've got a routine happening they go and change.

I think they way they sleep depends on what they/you have been doing for the last few days and how stimulated they have been. Are they having a growth spurt? The questions just go on and on and the worst thing is that you'll probably never know the answer.

Welcome to the world of motherhood, one of the greatest challenges I think we'll ever face.

Sorry I can't be of more help.


Hay Tash,

Ok so since posting my message Lady Keisha has been out like a light. Most of the time she has good sleeps but for the last week its just been all over the shop.
The most frustrating thing is that I struggle to carry her around for a long time and she loves to be walked around the house until she sleeps. I broke my spine a few years ago so I have to deal with slight pain a lot of the time. Being pregnant only made things worse on my back, she was 10lb 9oz born and I'm only 5 ft tall.

Praying for a sleep routine to begin.




Hard to say if its a growth spurt, but its definitely a good thought.

Praying for a sleep routine to emerge from somewhere........



Hey i'm glad things are getting better for little one is in bed right now.Have you tried putting her in the cot(bassinette) and patting her on the back and stroking her face to get her off too sleep? that is what i have to do with krystale sometimes.It is just a thought
Okay I think we are getting somewhere with the sleeping. Keisha has decided in the last day or so that shes happy to lie awake in her cot - Thank goodness !!!


Hi there Ladies,

At 4 weeks old we were a mess. My husband rang ECAPPS. in our area(Fairfield) and they suggested to attend a 2 hour sleep clinic run by the community nurse.

This was a "WOW' moment.

This was child no. 3 and no body had told me about routine....

They follow the Karitane method of sleep.

0-3months down 2 hours up 1 hour.. they wake up hungrey and in the up hour feed change and put back to bed awake. they showed up simptoms of tiredness and stressed that baby must be awake when put back to bed....

This took about 3 days to they ge older the up time widens..

now we are 13months and we wake at 6.30 am back to bed at 8.30 - 9am sleep for 2 hours and up for 2 then down for 2 then up for around3 hours then sleep all night......

It is heaven...No tantrums like my first 2

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Hi krystale has gone backwards with her sleeping routine again this month.It is a huge relief when they do start going down in the cot by themselves.When can actually have a little us time and do what house work that needs to be done.
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