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Hi everyone,

I am a new mum with a 4 month old boy who is absolutely adorable!

He has been excellant up until about 2-3 weeks ago. He used to sleep from 7pm till 3.30am, wake for a feed then go back down till 5.30-6am. This was great compared to when he was newborn.

A while ago he was sick and ever since then has not gone back to the same sleep pattern. He now goes down at 7pm wakes between 12pm and 1am then again every two hours after that, shouldn't he be coming close to an allnighter not going backwards???? He sleeps for all up about 5hrs during the day should I cut this time down in order for him to sleep longer during the night??

I need some help and would like any suggestions to stop this routine.


Very tired mum!
I also am a new mum of my gorgeous son Adam who is 3 months old.

When Adam was 1+1/2 weeks old i couldnt settle him at all, i was breastfeeding at the time and on this particular night i was feeding him for over 4 hours, so you could imagin i also was stressed and tired with this baby screaming uncontrollably. So i had to switch to formula as my milk had ran out and what i did have wasnt satisfying him. i dont know if your breastfeeding but you could have a similar problem as it is quite common.
After about a week on formula we had to increase how much formula we gave him at each feed but before we did this we seeked advise from our maternal health nurse. I would say that i am grateful for asking to increases his bottles. Pretty much from then after he sleeps right through the night, i mean one night he slept 11+1/2 hrs. If he happens to wake through the night we tuck him back in and if need be put his dummy in before he really wakes up and screams the house down.
Adam is 3mths old and i am making him up 180mls of formula, which made up is 200mls in total.

I am not sure if this has helped you but it is worth talking to a health nurse about his feedings.

Good luck


Melissa,VIC, 3yr Old Boy & 3mth Baby Boy

hi there i just posted a reply to avas mum about a cd called "the sounds of silence" created by a Ballarat paediatrician, Dr Harry Zenwirth. I have a 4 1/2 y/o girl & 10 wk old twin girls. i was having problems with their sleeping when this cd, my savior!!, came out. it really is FANTASTIC. like i said to avas mum it is only available form Ballarat - "country kids" & "toy kingdom" both in the bridge mall. if you wanted to get the cd and cant get to ballarat i will gladly get it for you & post it to you. it seriously is the best $30 i have EVER spent.

vic,5y/old& 9mth old twins

Hi Lyndons mum,
I wouldnt let my baby sleep more than 3 hours at a time as I fed him every 3 hours to top him up so he could go all night.(Sleep feed play)
Jackson has been sleeping through since 10 weeks!
He is now 10 months!
Good luck!

michelle, mum of jackson 13-02-03

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