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Bub won't sleep til late at night!!!! Lock Rss

I am a first time mum also and have trouble getting bub to sleep before about 11pm. Bub (Connor DOB 26/Oct) then sleeps til about 7am, feeds, will sleep til about 11am then feed again, then awake on & off (just napping and whingeing mostly). He has a lot of trouble getting rid of his wind also which can be a big problem. He wont sleep after his 6pm(ish) feed and wants another feed around 10 or 11 then eventually goes to sleep between 11 & 1am which gets tiring. How do I reverse his night and day?? One clinic nurse suggested waking him to start his day earlier at around 6am - but then what?? let him sleep? keep him awake??

Any help/suggestions appreciated.

tired Mum

Wendy, 1st bub Connor b.26/Oct

Tell me about it! I have a 3 year old boy (born Sept 2000) who doesn't go to bed till around 9pm and then is awake at 7am, sometimes later! He has never been a good sleeper even from the start! I now have a 9 week old daughter (born Sept 2003) and her sleep pattern sounds just like your baby! She's wide awake now and it's 12:46am!! Like your baby she is awake till 11pm, sometimes through to 1am, before she goes into a good sleep then wakes at around 6am for a feed then sleep till about 10:30am for her next feed then stays awake! It's very hard to have 2 kids with terrible sleep patterns! I have tried to wake her early to get her into a different pattern but it hasn't worked, all she does is get even crackier!! Sorry I have no solution but if I find one I will let you know or if you find one please let me know!

Tired Mum the 2nd

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

Hi Wendy,

I have the reverse problem! Jimmy wants to start his day at 5-5.30 am, and I used to be somewhat of an night owl, well, not any more!

Wow, Connor is sleeping for about 8 hr straight at night? Lucky you! Anyway, I would suggest to wake him in the morning when you want to start your day, then play with him for a while until he is tired and let him have a nap. Try this for a few days and see if he will go to bed earlier. Also, how about a nice relaxing bath for him at night when you want him to sleep? And then keep him in his room (or your room if he sleeps in there) with dimmed light.

Jimmy has problem burping too. You can try something like Infant's Friend or Infacol, or the Brauer remedy. It works for us sometimes.

Best of luck!

Michelle, mum to James born 15/9/03


I used to have the same problem with my daughter, she used to sleep all day and was awake all night.
I found that as soon as i began alternating between breast and bottle feeding, she sleeps a lot better so now i have been breastfeeding during the day (because she wakes up more frequentley when breast fed) and bottlefeeding at night so we get at least 5 - 6 hour sleep during the night.
I also found that she was staying awake because we had her in her rocker in the loungeroom with us (she would fall asleep in her rocker in the afternoon and i wouldn't want to wake her up but it seemed that when she woke up in her rocker and found that she wasn't in her cot, she would become restless and not go back to sleep again!)

Mummy to Talana Michelle Kimberley (13/12/2003)

I had the exact same problem with my baby. He would be up until at least 11pm, if not 1 or 2am. I started to realise that I needed to give him some sort of routine to break this habit. Since I have started actually planning his bedtimes things have really improved. I bath him at about 5:30 - 6 and then feed him and then into the cot. He cries for a while, but I just keep going in and comforting him and pulling the string on his musical toy until he goes to sleep. This takes from 30mins to 1 hour, but is improving. The biggest breakthrough I had was to realise I needed to put him into bed the moment he exhibited any tired signs. Otherwise I miss the window of opportunity and he gets overtired and won't sleep. The problem is, an overtired baby can seem wide awake, or windy, or hyperactive, or anything other than tired. Watch very carefully and put him down as soon as he grizzles or yawns etc. Anyway, you've probably solved your problem by now as your post is quite old, but maybe this will help others too! A really good book I have discovered is "The No-Cry Sleep Solution" by Elizabeth Pantley. It gives good advice on using routines, etc to help with sleep problems.

Jessica, VIC, Max 24.08.03

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