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How much does your baby sleep during the day? Lock Rss

My nearly 3 month old only has little spurts of sleep during the day but sleeps from about 7pm to 6.30am with only one feed which even though he takes it all (most of the time) he sleeps through the feed and burping. I love the fact that he sleeps during the night really well but makes it hard to do things (even basic things) in the day because he can also sense when I have left the room and start to cry and no I dont always rush back to him (learnt that mistake with my daughter) but it breaks my heart to hear him cry. We brought a swing which puts him to sleep and cries when we first put him in because he knows it will make him sleepy but the rocker didnt work so this was another option, he loves to play and smiles all the time so we know he is happy, I'd ust like to hear if other mums have similar sleeping babys or even oppisite to my little man.
Hi, my second baby girl is now nearly 3 months old, surprisingly her sleep patterns totally different than my son when he was her age. With my son I faced exactly the same problem as you and at the top of all that he was not sleeping the whole night so always I used to be so tiered. But with my daughter she likes her sleeps or may be because I learnt from my son. With my daughter I follow the FEED-PLAY-SLEEP pattern.
After her feed I keep her a wake for 1.5 hours (Play time) then I wrap her (wrapping her helped me so much) then I take her to her room, put her in her pram, close the curtains or turn the light off then push the pram back and forth over a bump (example: the seal between vinyl and carpet) can be very effective.
Now she knows her routine and sleeps for me. It took her some time to get used to this routine but I think she likes it now.

Maysa, NSW

Until tonight I thought I was really lucky with my boy, now 18months. From the day he was born he has slept all the way through the night and alot of the day, he has always been active though and I always put it down to that. Although as we are now expecting baby number two he has recently started in a bed. We cut down his day time sleeps because he was still wanting to sleep 3 times a day. He now wakes up a 9am and goes down for a sleep after lunch usually about 1pm and sleeps until about 3pm. He then goes to bed at 9pm. I say I thought I was lucky until tonight because I've never had a problem putting him to bed, I put him in bed read a book say goodnight give him a kiss and then leave the room and thats the last I hear of him. Normally anyway!!! Tonight though he kept getting out of bed crying and doesn't want to go back, he hardly slept today so I know he's tired. I hope this is not a sign of things to come. Good luck with your boy.

Nicole, Bayley 3 and Jordan 18mths

My lil' man is only 9 weeks old and he hates to sleep. He takes little cat naps through the day but only 2 or 3 and only for about 5 - 10 mins at a go.
He goes to bed at about 7:30-8:00pm and wakes 2-3 times through the night. Normally 12 , 2:30 and then about 4:30. I'm very glad that my husband takes over the 2:30 feed so i can get a little bit of sleep.
He is a very happy baby , except when I'm cooking dinner. From 4pm till his bedtime feed he is having a feed about each hour. It's very frustrating . I also have a 5 year old that at the same time is wanting his dinner.
My little boy is 71/2 weeks old and has just started to sleep up to 5 hours in one session during the night. Before that he was waking every 2-3 hours, through the day he normally sleeps well except for today. It has been a shocker. He has not done a number two so that could be it. Hoping that this is all it is it has been a very tiring day i have been up since 6 it is now 4.30pm. He had slept on and off all day waking like he is in pain.
Dear Jodi, I have much the same problems with my 4 month old son James.It is a real battle to get him to sleep during the day.Today i rocked his cot for 25 mins to get him to sleep for 20 mins, and he had 2 sleeps of 1/2 an hour each this afternoon, yesterday he did not sleep at all! My saving grace is that he is usually in bed and settled by 7.00pm, he still wakes twice a night but goes to sleep after a feed.I can understand what you're going through with day sleeps, somtetimes it is just exausting!James also loves to smile and is othewise a happy baby (apart from this morning whn he cried all morning)he want to look around constantly and hates to miss anything,so i think thats why he does'n sleep, your post was awhile ago now, i'd love to hear if things have improved for you.
Take care Marianne

marianne, Qld , mum cheeky monkey 14months

i'm glad to hear that i'm not the only mum whose little angle doesn't slep for great lengths during the day. My daughter is 10 1/2 weeks and is just now sleeping through the night. Similar to you my daughter is only having cat naps of 30-60 minute intervals during the day now. I understand the feeling of not wanting to let them cry but due to these short naps i find that i have to or i would never get anything done. My daughter is a happy baby though she loves to smile play and is starting to giggle and laugh so i couldnt ask for anything more.

NSW,baby girl

Hello Jodie. I have a 9 week old baby boy, who is very similar ... short spurts of sleep through the day ... maybe for 1/2 hour or so at a time a few times a day. He also sleeps well at night, usually from 7.00pm to 6.30am, with one feed around 3.00am. The problem is that as the day progresses, he gets more and more cranky and over-tired, so by 5.30/6.00pm, he is often crying and very difficult to pacify. I have tried controlled crying, but this was extremely upsetting for me and him, and it achieved very little. He slept eventually but only for 15 minutes, then was awake and crying again. Have you found any way of getting your baby to sleep better through the day or are you still having the same problem?? I read recently that it has a lot to do with how much light is in the baby's room, so I tried to darken the room as much as possible, but this didn't seem to make much of a difference. I'm worried he will continue to have poor day time sleeping habits as he gets older, and it seems that small children really need to have a good sleep at least once through the day. Any suggestions ??


Hi my little girl is 9wks old, I am having the same problems with getting her to sleep during the day.
She will wake in the morning around 8 feed, have a bit of a play on the floor then feed again and go to sleep on the breast !! as soon as I put her in her basinette she wakes up crying !! I usually pick her up cuddle her back to sleep and put her down again, sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt. The last couple of days has been very trying, she just catnaps for around 30mins each time and then I have to feed her again to get her back to sleep, feeding around every 2hrs !!! Like your baby Christine she gets progressively tired during the day and real cranky by 5-6pm when she will not stop cyring, and I have to walk around with her until bath time then I feed her till she falls asleep and put her to bed around 9.30pm she usually goes for about 5hrs at night, and its hardly ever a problem to get her back to sleep then!!
Its really hard to get even the basic things done during the day, as for shopping forget it !! Im lucky to have a shower. I too tried the sleep settle centre but didnt like it, It was heartbreaking to hear the crying and it didnt really help much anyway, so I dont know what else to try. any ideas would be very welcome !!
Has anyone tried wrapping!
I had similar problems with my daughter when she was very young! Someone from our mothers group suggested wrapping and i know it helped oue little one.
There are many ways to do this and any early childhood nurse should be able to show you these.
This was part of her early sleep pattern feed, play, nappy, wrap then bed.
Good luck

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hi, all.

Kazzie, you just described my 10 week old little girl! She has exactly the sleeping pattern. I have tried a couple of things in the last week or two and they have seemed to be working a bit better.

I generally give her a feed between 6pm - 7pm and she will sleep for 6-7hrs if I let her. But I wake her up at around 10pm - 11pm. Give her a feed, play with her then give her a top up and put back to bed. I then found she slept through to about 5am - 6am. From this time on she ususally starts her cat nap fase. So I guess this was the feed that I had to make sure she had a full tummy and had lots of activity on the floor. I even read her a story. I found by just keeping her up and tiring her out a little bit more than usual, made her want to go back to sleep for a couple of hours, in the morning. So hopefully she will sleep somewhere between 8:30am - 11:00am. It might just give you enough time to get some things done.

I, like you, have found it really frustrating just trying to fit a shower in. Mind you, this system is still in progress. After 12pm onwards, forget it, she will not sleep until about 7pm. So I now have realised that I just need to get on with it and get things done, so I use a baby carrier/pouch which I put her in, but have her facing outwards. She seems to be quiet content on just walking about the house with me while I do some housework etc. though I can't keep her in that for too long, but she will often have a little sleep in that.

Like you my shopping experiences are horrible!

Anyone with advice on anything is more than welcome. My email address is [email protected]

Sandi, NSW, 6mth baby girl

Hi Sandi
Hows it going now with the sleeping ?
My little girl is 11wks old tomorrow, and the daytime sleeps are still few and far between. She seems to sleep better in the morning and by the afternoon forget it! she actually slept thru the night on the 2nd June. I put her down about 8pm and she didnt wake till 7am !!! 11hrs...Mind you I was awake checking on her smile she hasnt done it since. She goes down around 8.30 sleeps till 1ish then goes back to sleep generall till about 5am, although today it was 7am.
I still find it hard during the day, I took her out shopping a couple of days ago, what a hassle with the carseat and pram lol, but I'm glad I made the effort. Last night and most of the afternoon she was crying until she went to bed, just over tired I thought. She hates the baby sling so I cant use that, she does enjoy lying on the floor on her activity mat with overhanging toys, at least for a while anyway smile I am having progress with putting her down to sleep in the mornings now, she doesnt actually have to be asleep first!! I can put her down while shes still awake and she puts herself to sleep, which is really good. OOps shes waking up, better go, let me know how its all going
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