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Hi to all mums out there.

I have a very simple yet controversal questions. I have attended the Day Stay program to help my 9 weeks old sleep better. They have taught me to put my baby to sleep awake in his cot. If he cries then allow him sooth himself to sleep with a dummy. And if he wakes again in under an hour then pop the dummy back in again. Allow him to stay in his cot for a least an hour. I've allowed my babies to sleep in his cot awake with the dummy in his mouth and it hasn't got any better. He would wake up crying every 20 mins and I again would pop the dummy back in.

I'm not really keen about using the dummy to settle my baby to sleep. Are there any advices on this issues from mum out there.

I'm really desperate to help my baby sleep better and I would do any thing to help her. Please help.

My son is 11 weeks old. I often put him to sleep awake and other times he falls asleep with me. I am still wrapping him up but try during the day to keep him unwrapped. When he is unsettled I do give him the dummy and he pops it out himself. I find that if he gets really cranky during the day when I think he wants to sleep, I take him out of the cradle and put him in his rocker where he is quite content to stay, observing his surroundings or in the mood to play. When I lay him down awake, he often entertains himself by babbling or whinges and then falls asleep by himself - so it does work - but when he is in a mood- I keep him awake to avoid stressing out. During the day I am trying to keep hima wake as much as I can, so that he can have a good sleep during the night. You mentioned he sleeps in the cot, perhaps he feels uncomfortable in its size!
Good luck!!
Hi mum-in-stress, Both my husband and I did NOT want our child to have a dummy. We only gave him one on constant advice from many health professionals. My son suffers from reflux and the sucking for the dummy helps the burning pain. I found the same problem with you that my son would go to sleep with the dummy and then it would fall out so he would wake up screaming, I would have to put the dummy back in..........blah blah blah. Some nights I would have to do this around 5 to 6 times a night!! Not good for your sleeping pattern. I remember one night crying on the bedroom floor pleading with my husband to help me as I was going stir crazy on no sleep. He use to suck his thumb but the problem was he couldnt always find it when he was little. In the end I was probably the stupid one and just kept on getting up and giving him his dummy, like you said you do anything to help them sleep. I found it hard to find his dummy in the night so I went out one day and bought 10 of them. So the next time he cried instead of spending a lot of time searching his cot in the dark I just gave him the next one and found them all in the morning. My son is now 16 months old and still has his dummy. He can find it himself now on most occasions but I still have to get up to him. I was told its better to give him a dummy as you can throw them away but you cant chop off his thumb to stop him sucking it. I wish I could offer you some help. I tried the letting him go to sleep with the dummy and then taking it away but most times he would not sleep so I always ended up giving it to him. The only advice I can give is to do what works for you..........sorry! Good luck.
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