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Mums with Babies who are really good sleepers? Lock Rss

Hi Every One,

Just wanted to know is there any good baby sleepers out there? Maybe we can help some others that are having trouble. How about we start something here and let us know if you do anything or have something from when they are born and go home and the first few weeks at home. I'm sure everyone would love some help. So get writing all you parents with great sleeper!


Hi All,
Yes I have great little sleepers.

After going through hell with my first, not sleeping anymore than 20-40 mins at a time during the day. I decided when my second, (well second and third as it turned out) came along I thought there is no way I am going through that again.

I know it is early days yet, but I have twins who are only 5 weeks old and I would have a other set of them anyday. They are so much easier than my first one. They are actually 13 weeks old (born 8 weeks early) and I have had them home since early Dec.

Now, I don't know if it comes down to more experience the second time round, or learning by your mistakes, or knowing what NOT to do, or maybe even just having a good babe, but so far it has been absolutely easy.

I suppose not everyones babe is going to react to the same thing, but the best advice I could give anyone especially those who are still pregnant is, get them into a routine early, don't fuss around and handle them too much, (which is easier said then done when everyone wants a cuddle), and DON"T rock them to sleep.
Put them into their cot awake from day 1 and let them settle themselves off to sleep. They can do it if trained early enough, because they don't know any better. I know that sounds hard, and that you want to cuddle them all day long, which is what I did with my first, but It will make your life so much easier if you do.
Also you shouldn't use things that are going to be used for sleep association, like rocking to sleep, being feed to sleep, music, dummies, (I do use dummies though) as they get use to them and then can't go to sleep with out them.
My boys are young and are good at the moment and hoping to keep it that way, I will be back if all hell breaks loose as they get older. :~

Now those older kids are another story, you poor buggers, I still remember those nights, and days of constant rocking or head down bum up in the cot trying not to move cause she will wake up again.

I did call tresillian once but did not like what they did, thats only me though and they are a wonderful org that help so many people, so nothing against them, it just didn't work for me.

I did try controlled crying, which nearly kills the mum I think, we feel so bad, again I did use dummy, also I think I just got more use to the tired signs and put her down before she got too over it.
I could go on and on about what we did or didn't do but would use up this whole site, it does take a long time to reastablish their sleep but it does work in the end. Just persevere, easy to say as you rip your hair out. >:-< I remember I use to go out most days, as I knew she would sleep in the car, or pram and was easier than having her scream at home.
I don't know if i have helped at all, if I remember anymore things I return.
I gotto go feed two hungry boys.

Sydney,twin boys 22/10/04+girl 26/03/02

I agree with twins+1 about starting with a routine as early as possible. I have a 4 week old bub, who when is fed, played with for a little while and then put into his cot whether awake or a sleep will then sleep a good 4 or 5 hours straight.

When ever there have been too many guests or family over holding him and disturbing the routine he is hard to settle.

As difficult as it is to avoid friends or family handling them too much it is better for the parents sake if they keep to a routine. And definately dont hold or rock them til they go to sleep or they will expect that all the time.

Monique, NSW,new mummy

some people don't like the idea of starting early. It works for me so I'm sticking to it.

Sydney,twin boys 22/10/04+girl 26/03/02

Hi Everyone!

Well I must say I have been blessed to have had 2 great sleepers. I'm not quite sure why and I've had many family members cuddle them for hours on end, but I must say at home I have a set routine for Jaxon, he has a bottle, plays for an hour and if any longer he does get grumpy and is a bit harder to settle, I wrap and sing to him (mind you my voice isn't the best, maybe thats why he goes to sleep) and then put him down. Now that I've put him into a cot I think he is sleeping a whole lot better and then we do it all over again. I know this doesn't work for every baby but it might give some ideas for someone out there! But I also agree with Twins+1 get in early with a routine and stick with it - I know it's hard for some people but would they like it if they had a routine and you stuffed it up on them???? I don't think so.

Hopefully I been of some assistance to someone.


hi guys my son since he was 2 days old he was sleeping all night a good 10 hours but i did used to wake him up for a feed cause i thought going 10 hours with out a bottle wasnt good i count my self lucky but hope when ever i have the next one he or she will sleep all night to.

natasha, S.A, nearly 3 year old boy

Hi everyone,

I too am counting my blessing the second time round with a good sleeper. My first boy was a shocking sleeper and hungry alot of the time it wasn't until he was six weeks old that a midwife finally told us that babies can actually get overtired and it is okay for a baby to cry so long as they are fed, clean and in a safe and loving environment. We made mistakes first time round by rocking him to sleep and letting people nurse him and he would sleep on them. Till he got too heavy at 8 months and we had to do the control crying.

My second boy Kody has been an angel and we have really been aware of what too look for in terms of tired signs and not letting too many people hold him and rock him off to sleep. I have also ensured we use the play, fed sleep routine and always put him in his cot awake. I feel so luck this time round and think yes having experience second time round is a help, although it still does very much depend on the little one. My sister-in-laws 2 year old still wakes during the night. Lucky my Kody has been sleeping through the night since he was 3 months.

In conclusion the best advice I can give to new mums or pregnant ladies is, its okay to let your baby have a little cry if you know they are not hungry and they aren't wet etc, after all its their only way of letting off a little bit of steam, they can't run around the block and vent all that energy like us.

mum to Jack (3) & Kody (41/2 months)
Hi everyone,

I too have a little one who's a good sleeper. Although it didn't start out that way. I was on antibiotics when I left hospital and it gave Tom an upset tummy for the first couple of weeks, which meant long days and nights of crying/feeding and nursing, and lots of sleeps in our bed. Tom's our first bub, but we have family and friends who have had great success with the tweedle approach to settling. So when Tom was well enough, we began a routine of feed/play/sleep and wrapping him before putting him in his cot, with the sleep message 'it's sleep time now'... it took a few weeks of sticking to this routine, but as Tom got older he started to go to sleep a little easier, and now at 7 weeks, he usually goes to his cot and settles himself to sleep, even sharing a few smiles before going down. The turnaround from the first couple of weeks to now, has amazed me, he'll sleep for 4 to 5 hours, unless he's hot/cold/hungry/bored/dirty nappy/thirsty or just plain wakeful. We have a bath everynight around the same time each evening, which I think helps too. Having said all this though, he still has an unsettled 2-3 hours in the afternoon, I try to take him out in the car or pram during this time, cause I can't handle the tears! I have no idea if he's going to stay this settled in the future, but using this technique has saved our sanity in the short term.

Best wishes to all mum's out there dealing with this settling business, it's hard yards, find something that suits you and your bub and stick with it. It pays off in the end!

Charlotte, Vic, 4.5 mth baby Tom

Hi Everyone

I have a really good sleeper - it is only early days at present (she is 4wks old) but my advice to other Mums would be to stick to your routine. She is my third child and as I have had a 7 year break between children I was not keen on broken nights.

I always wake her up at a set time each night for a feed (at the moment it is 9.30pm) wrap her tight for the feed and she will usually fall asleep during feeding. Put her straight into bassinette as soon as she has finished sucking and she is sleeping for about 7 hours.

Is working for me, and I hope it will work for some of you out there as well.

Jodie..... Mum to five gorgeous girls

Hi there, I am new to this exchange and have been reading all the posts for about a week to pick up some hints for my little man in regards to sleeping. We have now had 2 nights of him sleeping from 10pm until about 6am which is fantastic. Reilly is nearly 8 weeks old and hoping this will continue!! I was waking at least once to feed him during the night. What I have now done with him is to make sure he has at least 3 sleeps during the day varying anywhere from an hour to sometimes 3 hours. Never going over 4 hours for a feed - waking him if I have to. I also do the feed-play-sleep and the minute he starts to look tired I wrap him and put him in his bassinett in his room - rocking and patting if necessary. It took a few days but now he is putting himself to sleep without any help!!! Yeah. If he cries out I check on him and if need be give a little pat or rock and back to sleep hopefully. The other thing at night I have been double wrapping him as he is a squirmer. At the 10pm feed I try not wake him keep him wrapped feed him and put him back to bed. If he does wake change nappy, wrap, feed, bed. So far so good..... Hope this helps anyone out there.
Cheers and heres to a great day with bubs.
PS Great article in Your Baby 04/05 edition on sleeping and settling also website

Kim, TAS, 4mth baby

I found that in the first 4-5 weeks my son Harry slept so much that he easily went to sleep on his own, but as he got 6 weeks + he became more aware of "play time" and the people around him so he didn't want to sleep when the time came and would scream when we put him in bed. This led us to carrying and rocking him until he was calm then putting him in bed and sometimes he would sleep and other times he would scream again.

I wanted him to go to sleep in his cot, so I started rolling him to his side and patting his back while doing "shhhh" noises and this sent him to sleep. Sometimes it took 2mins, and other times it took 20-30 mins and I was exhausted from standing at the cot for that long. Part of the time problem seemed to be that we were putting him to bed when really tired instead of at the first sign of tiredness. And I think that's the most important part of the settling process - putting them to bed as soon as you see a tired sign. (at least it was for us)

Now Harry is 3 months old, and as soon as he is tired I take him to bed. He is generally still happy (a tired happy) and I usually start the cot mobile (with music) for him to listen to and look at. I walk out of the room and only come back in the room when he cries (I ignore grizzles) or when the mobile runs out of music! He now goes to sleep by himself, usually in 5-10 mins, but even if it takes 20 mins, at least it is a stress-free 20 mins (for him and me!). ALso my arms don't get sore from carrying him and rocking him!

For each step I allowed myself 3 days for Harry to learn to be comfortable with the sleep routine. The first step of rolling/patting/shhhing took 2-3 days, but the recent step of using the mobile and him sleeping on his back with no touching or talking only took a day. I was amazed! Good luck to all mums!!! smile

Tina, VIC, mum to Harry & Emma

my daughter is 10weeks was not a good sleeper to begin with but since i`ve been giving her a bottle of formula at night then she has another feed off the breast she sleeps from 8-10 hours she goes down between 9pm and 10:30pm sleeps to between 6-7am she only has the odd night where she won`t go to sleep or she wakes up earlier(like last night 4am).i finally get her to sleep at during the day this was a big problem and i worked out she won`t sleep when her older brother is home.since he has been back at school she has been having one 2 to 3 hour sleep then an afternoon catnap.but on the weekend no go she would not sleep and was a complete grouch and that tired i couldn`t get her to stay asleep until nearly midnight because of over tiredness.
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