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My gorgeous little girl is only one week old so theres no real pattern to her sleep at the moment - every night is different.
Just wondering though, sometimes during the day ( mostly late arvo thru til evening ) she can sleep for 4 hrs or more - is it ok to wake her and if so when should i do it? I was sorta thinking i should wake her after 4 hours but is this bad?

I would probably not wake her smile
but she is probably confusing day with night, so eventually you will want her to have her longer sleep at night,

at 1 week I think you are doing the right thing and attending to her according to her own rhythm

she's so new! Congratulations!


Liam Evan, 2

Hi Stacey

Firstly congratulations on the birth of yoiur DD.

How often are you feeding her? Are you on a routine or are you demand feeding her?

If you are no on a routine, I would suggest you start a routine as babies love routines and then follow the feed, play and sleep cycle. I would then suggest that you do wake up your DD so she will be get used to having short sleeps in the day and then have a long sleep at night. Babies need to be taught the difference between day time and night time.

All the best,

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