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4 month old not sleeping Lock Rss

Hi all, this is my first time posting (and I apologise now if I ramble) I have a 4month old who has being a terrible baby from day 1! (She is my second child so I'm totally confused as my first was an angel!) she has never fed or slept well. She currently is on medication for colic/reflux and it has a made a world of difference but she is still such a terrible sleeper. For her day naps she wakes up constantly, screams bloody murder and won't go back down. - she has a dummy but this only works sometimes. I can't get anything done around the house, do activities with my other child, or have a nap myself. When she is awake she almost always needs entertained. She will only play a little bit on her own - I feel like she is constantly whinging or crying! Her night sleeps are OK. She goes down good but once she hits that 45minute mark she's awake & is difficult to get to sleep again, She has about 2-3 bottles during the night but I'm getting up to her at least 10 times. I hate getting into bed because as soon as I get comfy you name it, she will wake up. Every single time. I'm exhausted, angry, upset, stressed & over it! I feel I'm not enjoying this child and I really want to as she will be my last. I'm worried I might be suffering PND but have no idea! I just don't know what to do anymore. Im not sure what kind of replys I'm expecting from this post. Maybe just encouragement that it is normal to be feeling this way & there is others out there struggling? Maybe I just needed to vent.
Sorry for the long post. Thanks Mummas! x
Hi, do you have any family that could help you out during the day so you could get some rest or be with your older child?
I still struggle when my son doesn't sleep. It has taken a while to get him into a routine but lately he's decided he doesn't need to sleep. I feel really useless when my husband gets home and I haven't "done anything" during the day. Ithe makes me feel stressed and over it, and he's my first child!!! Sometimes I wonder if I have PHD and other days I think I am too hard on myself.
Do you have a wrap? It was you lifesaver once I invested in one. He would sleep and I could do one thing, make the bed, fold washing, make up his nappies. I always felt better setting myself one job and managing to accomplish it smile hang in there.
Here if you need to vent.. B
Both mine have been like this sad I was determined things would be different with the second one, but when they weren't it really got me down, and I did end up with depression.
It sounds as though you have got on top of the initial problem with the medication, but the habits that have formed now need to be broken.
Check out the sleepstore website they have loads of advice on settling techniques, for us we just went straight in for the cry it out method, which we found sorted him out within three days. This was after trying every possible method with the first one and in the end going with cry it out.
I really feel for you, I am pregnant now with my third and just hope things are better this time round, because it just drags u down ay.
A friend had a swing chair which I borrowed for a few weeks and found it made things easier in the day. It is kind of like a capsule on a stand that swings back and forth and no.2 went to sleep really well In this. I know it isn't ideal, but u kind of get to the stage where anything is worth a try. Also as the previous poster said the wrap or baby carrier is also a good way.
Please just ask if there is anything else I can help with. Try not to be too hard in yourself. Easier to say than do I know smile

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