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Help with Sleep Lock Rss

I have an 8 week old who has lots of trouble getting off to sleep or staying asleep initally. He will be tired and I have learnt o recognise his tired signs and wrap him sleep straight away. I can rock him to sleep in my arms but as soon as I put him down into his cot he wakes and cries and this cycle can continue for hours until evenetually I have to feed him again. I have tried puttin him in his cot awake, he then starts grizzling which is ok but that then turns into full blown crying after about 10 mins and he gets very agitated. Once he is asleep he tends to sleep ok mostly, but it is that inital period of getting him into that deep sleep.
Does anyone have any tips?
I would reccommend wrapping him giving him a dummy if he will take one and putting him in a baby swing with white noise playing. This is the technique from Dr Harvey Karp Happiest Baby on the Block.

Dr. Karp taught us the ‘Cuddle’ method for getting Emma to sleep. We had already been doing the beginning steps (swaddle, pacifier, rock), but he advised us to add the blow dryer and to let her sleep in the swing. We called it the ‘ Karp Cuddle Cure’ because this method changed our lives. We decided to try it out during naptime. Emma still protested when I moved her from the rocking chair to swing but she tolerated it as long as a CD of a blow dryer was playing in the background.

After several days, Emma had gotten so accepting of the hypnotic rhythms of the swing, we began letting her sleep in it at night. Within a few more days, she would stay sleep in it from 11PM to 6 AM! Two weeks later, she was sleeping 8 to 10 hours at night. This was an enormous leap from where she had been.

It became clear to us Emma was not in terrible pain, rather she was so sensitive that the mild discomfort she was experiencing was enough to yank her out of her slumber. The ‘Karp Cuddle Cure’, on the other hand, appeared to counter her sensitivity and lull her into a deeper level of tranquility.

By 3 months, we had at last figured out what Emma needed to be happy. She did have reflux and was definitely more comfortable on Zantac. But, for a large part of the day, and the whole night, she needed to be swaddled, swung and serenaded by white noise.
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