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apparantly there has been a number of stories on a new CD put out by a scientist that is said to calm a baby to sleep. bec cartright apparantly used it and it was either on sunrise or today tonight/current affair.
does anyone know what it is called and who it is by and more importantly where can i get it!!

Hi Danae,

I can't remeber the title or who wrote the CD but you are able to buy it from target it costs about $25.00.
I have a 13 week old my self and I live on a busy street so I play music for minors - baby sleeping and I have found this works as it blocks out the noise around him and he goes off normally for 3 hours each time during the day we do not require it during the night as he seems to settle ok. Otherwise any type of classical music is fine as long as it doesn't go really loud in parts. Good luck with it all.
hi! there is a cd created by Dr Harry Zehnwirth ,a Paediatricain, Called 'Sounds for Silence'. I was given one at my baby shower from my sister and it was featured on today tonight show the other night. It has got Environmental sounds,white noise & some mozart also. They recommend to have it playing loudly. Loud enough so that if you wanted to be heard above it you would need to raise your voice.I've had it playing a couple of times but my little DD self settles without it so i just put it on sometimes to drown out some off the household noise like my dog barking ect.. I also have another sounds machine that i just sit on the floor that has all different sounds like rain,waterfall, heartbeat,stream,ocean waves,song birds,thunderstorm,white noise, summer nights ect that i have playing all the time for as i said just to help block out the daytime noise while DD is sleeping but then i do also have days i don't have it on cause she also needs to get used to noises also...I've seen the sounds for silence cd at some baby shops also...
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