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Hi all! My girl is nearly 4wks old. In the recent wk, she has been very noisy & fidgety when sleeping. When asleep, all of a sudden she would start thrashing her arms & head around, kicking, and also groan/whine/neigh (as in she sounds like a horse). And she would do this the whole night!!! Is this normal? I know that babies are fidgety & they do make noise while sleeping, but to do it few hrs straight??!!!

I'm not sure if its because she has a sore belly or anything. Because when this started happening, she started spilling some of her milk out more. And after her feeds, she would get all red-faced, arch her back & cry like she's in pain. I assumed thats wind so have started stopping frequently while breastfeeding (I have a fast let-down). This has helped with her getting her wind out but she still gets unsettled, which leads to the noise & fidgets as decribed above.

Pls tell me this phase would pass. I started sleeping thru some of her noise now but the next problem is I can't tell when she's hungry until she starts wailing. Not good as it wakes hubby up & he in turn gets grumpy. Maybe baby is just following daddy's trait??? :/

Sheila, Akld NZ, baby Stephanie born 28/3/06

Hi there sheila,

Babies can be very noisy in their sleep. Its pretty normal for them to sound and look as if they're awake sometimes.... Both my girls did this a bit when they were very young and i can remember getting up thinking "what's the problem???", but their eyes are always closed - and yes it can go
on for hours!! I think just about every mum goes through this.....
But if your little one is having little spews while she does this then perhaps she is a bit uncomfortable? If she's arching her back and crying like in pain after feeds that sounds like she might have a bit of reflux which could explain why she's uncomfortable laying down and having disturbed sleep. Try raising the end of her bed up a little (about 30 degrees), it might help her milk not come up so much. Also (i know its hard if you're breastfeeding), try and keep her as upright as possible when feeding and after feeds keep her upright for as long as you can. And make sure she's burped during feeds as frequently as possible.
If you really suspect she has reflux it might be worth talking to your maternal & child health nurse, as they can suggest ways to alleviate her symptoms (and they can give you a better idea as to whether it really is reflux or something else...)
As for the noises, both my girls grew out of that pretty quickly, it really only lasted a couple of weeks (my youngest is only 9 weeks and she doesn't do it anymore). But i know of some babies
who have done it for months!!! So who knows?
Tell your hubby to sleep with earplugs in - it will help to drown out those restless noises and then hopefully all he'll hear are the proper, hungry cries which you'll attend to anyway - Both my partner and I use them, we wouldn't get any sleep otherwise through all the little tiny noises they make!!
Good luck with getting some decent sleep soon - I hope this helps a little....

Sarah, mum of Natalie & Jessica

hi shola,
my DS is 7 weeks tomorrow and has always made noises like you describe. i even asked the paediatrician if he could have some sort of sleep epilepsy! he said that it is very normal for babies to make these movements and noises. if they are asleep then they are fine, they just drift in between the different sleep cycles (REM to deep sleep) and can make thrashing (as mine does) or more purposeful and rhythmic movements. i often tell my DH that it looks like he is "chasing rabits", that is what my dogs do in their sleep! their legs go and they whimper too!
but i would check out the pain thing as suggested. we have been bottle feeding so we just added a thickner after changing to Karicare goats milk and it seems to have settled. as you breast feed you obviously cant add thickner, but you can use infant galvason or give thickner with water prior to feed. but get some advice from a pharmacist or gp.
good luck! i have now turned the monitor off in our bedroom at night, because i can easily hear him when he is hungry, but i dont have to listen to all the inbetween noises!

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