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9 week old, not sleeping and crying Lock Rss

This is all very new to me as this is my first child. She is 9 weeks old and has problems settling and sleeping. She used to settle fine until about a week ago. She has had so reflux and was on Marina and Mylanta. She seemed to be getting better so i stopped using them. Now she is really grizzly and crys a lot. I have started using the marina and mylanta again. She is feeding about every 3-4 houly and is awake for about 1 1/2 hours including feed time. I then wrap her put her dummy in and leave the room. She will be ok for about 20mins ten she will start crying and i will go and put her dummy back in rock her for a could of minutes till she is calm and then leave. She'll then be ok for another 10-15mins and i do the process again. She will only sleep for about 40min to an hour. really don't know what else to try. She uses a dummy and has had it since she was 4 weeks old. I am open to any suggections and i hope that someone can help me.


I also have a 9 week old baby and she is often unsettled at nights. I find that when I go in to her when she is crying and pick her up, she often burps/vomits on my shoulder. I usually burp her several times during a feed but she still has a lot of wind. She is still unsettled after vomitting but the crying is not as bad and she eventually sleeps after that. Forty minutes later she cries again and yet again it is due to wind. I am hoping my baby will grow out of it soon. I use Infacol but it doesn't eliminate the problem. Do you think wind could be the problem with your baby?

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