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7 week olds Lock Rss

another thread by me, but i am sick of reading how much sleep a 7 week old should be getting. can anyone else with a 7 week old please tell me how you are going?

my DS is only cat napping for one sleep cycle through the day, sometimes has a longer sleep after lunch. i have been leaving him in the cot to give him a chance to self settle, but it hasnt been working.

also of a night he is now feeding twice, 11.30pm (he just added this last two nights) and 3.30am. at this feed he thinks it is time to play! i put him down and he catnaps until about 5am then just grizzles in his cot to about 6 when we get him up.

he is feeding every 3 - 4 hours and is up for 1 - 2 hours (not including time to settle).

all of this doesnt fit with the "average" for his age. am i the only one with a defiant rebel??!!

No offence but it was good to hear that I am not the only one going through it !!!! When I read your post it is sooo familiar. My little one is excactly the same tiring isn't it?!?!? I feed him every 3 hrs (any longer and all hell breaks loose!) then he is up for an hr or so, I walk him around to put him to sleep and he stays asleep for all of 1 hr (if I am lucky!). For the life of me I cannot get him to self settle as soon as I put him down he wants out of his cot no matter what the time or how tired he is. Have you had any luck lately? If so any hints???? I know it will get better around 1-1and a half but that is a long way away!
Hi Danae,

My daughter is 7 weeks old too. I've had her on a routine from the day we got home from the hospital. At the moment she does as follows;

7am feed and keep awake until 9am
9am nap for approx 45mins
10:45 feed
12pm sleep until 2:30 (if possible)
2:30 feed and keep awake until 4:30
4:30 nap for 1/2 hr or so (I try and go for a walk at this time and she goes to sleep in the pram)
5:30 bath etc
6:15 feed
7pm sleep
10:30 feed
then she sleeps through til 7am

She is a very happy little baby, and I'm sure its because of having some sort of routine. I've read both Gina Fords "the new contented little baby book' and Tizzie Halls "Save our sleep' and we're kind of using bits from both.

Anyway, just thought I'd let you know what we do. It seems to work for us. Good luck.....

Mandy, and baby Ava May (born 02.03.06), Adelaide

by the way, when were your babies born? Ava was born on the 2nd March. Can you believe how fast time has flown by?????

Mandy, and baby Ava May (born 02.03.06), Adelaide

hi danae

when my little girl was around the same age as yours, she did the same thing - hardly slept !! And yes, it did frustrate me too. But can i pls give u some advice ? u don't have to go by what i say....your little one is too small for a routine - i know alot of mums out there have "routines" for their babies, but i feel that they are too small. I don't believe in letting a baby to cry itself to sleep - and the fact that at the end of it, as a parent we feel bad to hear our baby cry so much, is i guess nature's way of telling us that what we are doing is not correct. When my baby too used to hardly sleep during the day, i just let her be...i would put her in the bouncer so she could see me and i used to do my work..sometimes she would just doze off there for about 40 minutes. Things do change eventually and let your baby set a routine for itself..u will get very tired and frustrated if you are trying to set a pattern for your baby and its not working out. Good luck.


i have 7week old who tends to either cat nap during the day or doesn't sleep at all! i have also tried leaving him to settle but that hasnt worked me yet either. my son sometimes tends to stay awake as late as 8:30pm(after being awake all day)by then he is over tired and cranky.when i finally get him to sleep he usually sleeps til 11pm-12am(when he wakes up for a feed).he then wakes every 2-2.5 hrs after that until 5-6am in which he decides to stay takes some time to settle him back to sleep thats can sometimes be as long as 1-2.5hrs(thats feeding changing&settling)

so your not the only one dealing with this &now i know i'm not the only one!

wondering how to get him to sleep longer at night or at least to have a decent sleep during the day.

let me know if you find a way!!

kristy,shane,zac & bella

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