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my little DS finally learnt how to put himself to sleep, BUT, yesterday and today (including all last night) he wakes up after his first 40 minute sleep cycle and wont put himself back to sleep. i left him for 3 hours, he wasnt crying, just laying there, and never went back to sleep. he has been awake again now for an hour and will be due for a feed soon. how can i get him to go back to sleep?
can anyone give me some hope that i dont have a catnapper on my hands!?

hi danae,
my son does the same thing with some of his day sleeps but sleeps well of a night. my suggestion is when he wakes dont talk to him just try giving himself a chance to self settle again as stimulation will only wake him more, if he doesnt settle within an hour nd hes crying he may need a cuddle to settle or a nappy change or feed as there can be some reason they r unsettled for so long.
but if hes laying there content maybe hes not tired or he could have gotten himself into being over tired which takes alot of persistance to get them to settle.
another thing to remember a baby can take upto 40mins to get to sleep so give him a chance he will get it, i know what your going through though as mine is learning to self settle but now he wont fall asleep being rocked he prefers to fall asleep on his own which sometimes he only asleep for 1-2hours in the day but at night is an angel so i guess it takes practice.
hope i helped n good luck!!!

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