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Night time feeds (first time mum) Lock Rss

My 6 week old little girl who is so sweet and I love her to pieces has a really unsettled time from around 5pm to sometimes 9pm. In this time all she seems to do is want to feed so I just let her because otherwise she just gets so upset, but it worries me with her drinking that much. I breastfeed her but I wonder if in that unsettled time I give her a bottle of formula? Has anyone got any advise for me on this?

Sophie's Mum

hi kellie
welcome to motherhood! i have a 6 week old as well, but i bottle feed. but, what your little girl is doing is cluster feeding, which is perfectly normal. it is how they stock up for the night, also your milk supply is at the lowest so they drink more. if you go to the BABY forum someone else has asked about cluster feeding too.
how is your baby sleeping through the day? mine is still working this out! he gets about 2 one hour sleeps and one 3 hour sleep, but sleeps well at night. what about you?

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