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Hi everyone. Our little girl, Zoe is 7 and a half weeks and we are using the guidelines in the book 'On Becoming Babywise' which have been great. I just have a question for other mums who have used the program: how important is the consistency of the time of the first morning feed? Am finding that each couple of days is different, depending on the time she wakes up ie. between 6.30 and 8am. And the time she wakes up really depends on when she wakes up during the night to feed. I know the book strongly recommends a set time for the start of the day, but that is quite tricky at this stage. Any advice would be appreciated.
Jane, Brisbane

Brisbane, Feb baby

i dont know about others, but i am going by another routine that is at a website that another mum posted, you can download free routines for each age group. basically their is no routine until 12 weeks of age, as babies are still developing their sleep and feeding patterns. i have a 6 1/2 week old and i am finding that his morning times still vary too! and if i get it wrong then the whole day is out! so basically i am following her "patterns" for wake time, and when my DS is 12 weeks i will start following her suggested routine. i think babies until that age are still developing soooo much that it is too hard to routine them, though many people have used Tizzie Hall's routine on 7 week olds successfully. i just know my DS isnt ready yet, but as long as we stick to a "pattern" then he copes better (though today wasnt too successful!).

Hi Jane

We followed (tried to follow) the Babywise routines. I found it quite difficult about this too.
What I ended up doing was establishing a time like 7 am as a wake up time. If bubs got up half an hour earlier or later than this I would start my day from there.
It is a very personal thing though as to how closely you follow the routine at this stage you probably won't be on a great routine as yet anyway.
Just to give you an idea my DS now goes to bed at about 7 pm and gets up at about 6-6:30 am (also I am back at work that is one of the reasons he is up early) but he is still on a good routine.
Most people will say you can do this on any routine and you can, I believe, (and this is just my opinion) that as a parent you have to lead the way for bubs.

When he was about 7-8 weeks he was getting up at 5 am, so I made sure that I got him up again at 7 am to start his day. It was hard work but I now have a very happy baby that is an absolute joy to be around. We are even thinking about TTC #2.
If you need anything further, just post here and I can maybe send you my email address.
Good luck. smile

Mum 2 2 boys

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