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Hi there,

This is a common thread I know. Just wanted your comments and stories on your little ones. My baby is 11 weeks and is formula fed since 7 weeks. As of the last 4 nights he is able to get through from 7.30pm till about 6am without needing a feed. He wakes once between 2 - 4am and my hubby or I put the dummy in, sometimes twice, and he goes back to sleep.

But now I am having all sorts of doubts and one of those days where you feel like everything you are doing is wrong! I am finding getting up to put the dummy in just as bad as getting up to feed him! and i don't want him to become dependent on the dum. But if we left him he would become beside himself. What do you do? And what do you think I should do? Is it just a case of being persistent and patient and sticking with it and he will eventually just sleep through without waking? We have thought about bringing his cot into our room for a trial and then we would not have to walk from room to room to dummy him!

It is so easy to get your head focussed on something and then feel like a total failure! would love your comments xxx

nz, 1st baby, due feb 4

One thing I would suggest (only coz it worked great for us) is doing a dreamfeed around 10/10:30pm. Until a bub is around 3-5 months old (depends on the bub) they usually need a feed to help them through the night. Doing a dreamfeed helps bub stay full enough to last through the night. Also 2-4am is usually the coolest part of the night so it may help to add an extra blanket on bub before you go to bed. I wouldn't move where he sleeps as you might find either he might wake more because he can "sense" you close or hear you or you might not sleep as well for the same reasons and both you and bub need good sleeps.
Be glad with what you're doing at the moment....some bubs don't start sleeping through until 8 months old or longer and it sounds at the moment you are doing well. Hope I've helped a little smile
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