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Need advice about changing my routine...... Lock Rss

Hi all,

For the last 4 or so weeks i've been using Tizzie Hall's routines for my baby. She's now 8 weeks old and has been doing pretty well on them apart from being a real pain to feed. But I'm looking for advice on changing the routine to suit my needs a bit more. Currently I give her a feed at 6pm and she's had a bath and in bed by 7pm. That works really well and she's settled into that routine REALLY well. After that i wake her at 10pm for a dreamfeed which also has been working fine with her dropping back off to sleep soon after. She then sleeps until between 4-6am. Its great when she sleeps through till 6am but she doesn't do it all the time. My problem is that the dreamfeed is too late for me to get a decent sleep. By the time i feed her and get myself into bed its sometimes 11pm. After that i could sleep until say 4am which gives me 5 hours and then if i have her back in bed by 5am thats fine but my partner gets up for work at 5.30 and my toddler gets me up anytime after 6am.... So i don't really get any decent sleep after she goes back to bed. If i could bring the dreamfeed forward an hour or make her bedtime feed a bit later it would work better. I know that she wouldn't sleep through the night - but she doesn't with the dreamfeed anyway so whats the point at this stage???? This way i could be in bed by 10pm, feed her around 3am and be back in bed to sleep for a couple of hours. Does that make sense? But i don't know how to make my daily routine fit to do this. I feel like giving her a 10pm dreamfeed is like doing another night feed as i'm so tired of waiting up till that time to feed her. Normally i'm in bed by 9:30, i just can' t stay awake any longer..... So at the moment her feed times are 7am, 11am, 3pm, 6pm & 10pm with usually one night feed (sometimes not). Should i just be more patient and see if she starts sleeping through more often. I'm so tired!!!!!

Sarah, mum of Natalie & Jessica

Honestly Sarah, according to all the rules and routines out there, I am raising my baby completely wrong!! When Kyla was feeding every four hours, we would put her to bed at one of the late feeds and then do the night feeds and so on. Eventually she slowly cut herself down to one feed a night, and just recently she started sleeping through. I don't believe in waking babies up for a feed to create a routine. The way I look at it, if it's hungry it will wake up. (Unless you have been told that you need to feed more often and that you have to wake it up - usually for premmie or small babies etc).

Our routine is that she has a pre-bath time feed 4.30-5, 5.30 it's bath time and then straight away we go to her room, she fits in as much food as she can and then to bed for about 12 hours. About once every 1 1/2 she will wake for a midnight feed, but I don't mind. Through the day, she has no specific routine, she gets hungry I feed her.

Maybe, you could bath her at 6 and feed her and straight to bed, and see how long before she wants feeding again. I don't have a toddler, so I can have a sleep through the day if needed, but you need to find a routine that suits you and your kids. And it may be just one that you figure out yourself. For a little while, go to sleep at about 8, just to try and catch up for a little while. Or when your toddler has a nap, have one with her if your really little one will agree!!

Hope I helped a little!!

Lacey and Kyla
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