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my DS is 6 weeks tomorrow. we dont have a so called routine, but we have a "pattern" that we follow through the day eg. wake up, change nappy, feed, change nappy again, finish feed, play and sleep.
when is it best to introduce a specific wake time and set nap times? at the moment he sleeps anywhere from 2 - 3 hours, but today slept 4 hours and i didnt wake him. i keep thinking that he could be going through his 6 week growth spurt, and if he needs sleep i shouldnt wake him (he is also putting on HEAPS of weight, so i am not worried about him missing a feed). i have read tizzie halls routine, but not sure about waking him from sleep, i think it is still too early?? he does have a set bedtime, but everything inbetween is dictated by him at the moment as i have read in the frist 12 weeks babies set their feed and sleep patterns, and after that a routine is more plausable.
any suggestions?

Hi Danae,

Is you bubs sleep through at night (i.e for 7 ish hours)? each baby is different and will let you know where they are at. My son slept through at 6 weeks (went to sleep at 7pm, woken up to feed him at 11pm then bed then he would wake at 630am) He is now 6 months old and sleeps 630pm to 630 am (no night feed). I based his sleeping patterns on a book called, the new contented little baby book by Gina Ford. It was so helpful. I did not stcik to it word for word but used as a guide and it has been fantastic. My son now sleeps 9am - 945, 1212pm - 215pm then bed at 6:30 I am really pro routine. The idea in her book is depending on age a giude to how much sleep bubs should have during the day to enable him a good, long sleep at night.

Good luck i wish you well


kiwi, 12/10/05

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