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sleeping through?? Lock Rss

i was wondering when and if other babies start/ started sleping through the night? and how to help them learn to sleep through???

***haydens mum***

how r u n ur buby going today ?

my bub started sleeping thru from 5-6 weeks......waking up at about 6ish and then finally sleeping thru til 7:30ish.
i played relaxie music at bed time which he still uses now.
babies always wake durin the night ...usually for a feed. tho if not for a feed and nothing is wrong it usually means they can't put themselves back to sleep....this is where they need u to rock them etc.
if u start early and teach ur bub how to settle themselves u'll make it a lot easier for urself as ur bub gets older.

hope all is well.

Danni, WA,

if you can teach hayden to self settle ASAP it will pay off later. My son slept throug at 6 weeks and learnt to self settle. It can be tough to teach but pays off. I also did not put a dummy in his mouth each time he woke in the night as this meant that he would expect it and so one would be getting up frequently in the night to put dummy in mouth which i rerad other mums are now strugglying with. My son will go to be with a dummy More often then not but nos once its out, thats it.

Perservence is the best recomendation.

Good luck

kiwi, 12/10/05

I've got a 12 week old daughter and she's always been a pretty good sleeper. One thing I found helpful is that I give her a bath fairly late in the evening (usually around 7:30/8:00) then give her a good feed. Usually she's asleep by about 9:30 (and I do give her a dummy). Then she sleeps till about 6:00/7:00, without waking. Also I try not to stimulate her too much with talking or toys after her feed. Not sure if that's any help for you. Good luck!

Sam and Hayley and bub

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