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advice needed about dummies Lock Rss

Hi all mummies out there,

I'm sure this is quite common so I am wondering if anyone can help....

We've got into a habit already of using a dummy to settle our 6 week old. I use it to really calm her down when she is upset but take it out before she goes to sleep. I know 6 weeks is still small but she is definitely using her dummy as a comforter. I would REALLY like to avoid using them at all as I always said to myself that I would avoid them like the plague. The problem is that I am having to put it back in all the time when she drops it. So she doesn't seem to be learning to self-settle. Is there any advice anyone can give me to wean her off of using one. Would cold turkey work???

Mandy, and baby Ava May (born 02.03.06), Adelaide

Hi There,

I dont mean to be rude.. but is there a reason why you dont want bubs having a dummy?

My son is almost 8 months and has had a dummy from 3 days old.. He only has it to go to sleep once he wakes up I take it off him and put it in his cot till his next sleep..

I dont have any tips on getting rid of the dummy.. Sorry.. I was just wondering why..

Hope you get some advoce soon

Alicia xo

Hi there,

My 2 year old has had a dummy since birth. They all told me not to give her one as they're bad, cause sleep associations etc. etc. etc. but she needed to suck!!!! I found it didn't cause any problems apart from the occasional up in the night incident where i had to go and pop it back in for her. It was great for putting her to sleep, and i really think she's been a good sleeper despite having one. She doesn't have it during the day (apart from her naps) but its just that thing she looks forward to in the evening and its a total trigger for her. The moment its in her mouth she knows its bed time. Also i found it to be a lifesaver when we were out anywhere, because the minute i could see she was getting tired and irritable i would ask her if she wants it (and her beloved blanky) and she'd go and lie down on the nearest couch and have a nap! I have a gorgeous little neice about the same age who never had a dummy and her mother goes crazy sometimes because the minute she gets tired, cranky, upset, scared or whatever she needs her mummy - which is lovely, but sometimes you just need your space or you want to go out and leave them somewhere. If they have a dummy there's always something calming for them if you're unavailable. Not to mention that this little girl STILL does not sleep very well or through the night and she never had a dummy! Anyway as you can see i'm a big believer in dummies!! My 7 week old has one too and is already sleeping through the night...
Sorry i know i probably haven't helped whatsoever!
Good luck with it all...

Sarah, mum of Natalie & Jessica

When I was pregnant, I was one of those Mum's that was adamant I was not going to give my bub a dummy...well, that didn't quite work out as planned!!! My daughter has had a dummy since about a week old. My whole thoughts about it is if it keeps my bub happy, then I'm happy. She does use it for comfort and to go to sleep, and I very rarely have to get up in the night to put it back in. If you did really want to get rid of it, I guess cold turkey is the best way, and because your bub is so young, she wont remember it, and should learn to self-settle. It may be kinda hard for the first few days though. Well, good luck..

Sam and Hayley and bub

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