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i was just wondering what is considered sleeping trough the night? and how to get into a sleep routine

***haydens mum***


My little man is 8 months and he sleeps through the night..

Sleeping through the night is when you put bubs to bed, then wake up in the morning panicing that something is wrong cause you didnt get up through the night!!

How old is bubs? Aiden didnt sleep through till about 6 months.. Wen he was on 3 solid meals a day..

I would advise you to buy a book called - Save our sleep by Tizzie Hall.. I have this book and it has helped me so so much!!

Hope this helps

sleep routine is just when bubba and you do the same thing every night before bed...this way as bub gets older he knows what to expect and therfore knows when it is bed time.

for me i have quiet time, then i give bubba a bath, then its a baby massage, reading a book, sing some songs, pureed apple, 20mins later a bottle and burp and then into bed smile

my bub goes to bed at 5:30pm everynight.....i no a lot of other bubs don't go to bed til 7:30 ish....however i stiked to bein very strict and always puttn to bed early.....this way i get time to myself.
my bub is now 9months n im still using the same routine. it works great.
but of course for newborns expect them to wake for their feeds.

Danni, WA,

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