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How many blankets? Lock Rss

How many blankets do you put on your bub to sleep? My baby is waking in the night at about 2am before her usual time of about 4 in the morning.... I know this is not the coldest part of the night but could she be cold? She sleeps in a cotton jumpsuit, wrapped in a bunny rug, with 2 doubled over bunny rugs on top tucked firmly in. Sometimes 3..... Could she be hot? I just don't know. I sleep in flannelette pj's with a singlet underneath and a really warm doona. So because i'm cold i figure she must be but i can't work out the right amount of blankets to put on her. Is there a rule or something that people use to determine how many layers to use??

Sarah, mum of Natalie & Jessica

Where are you? From the sounds of it, is must be cold where you are. I think the rule of thumb is to go one layer more than you.

We are in Brissy, at the moment bubs sleeps in a wondersuit with a sheet and a bunny rug & we havent had any problems. Although the nights are only about 15 degrees.
got o the living textile web site they give you idea on what to put on them with different temps in mind

1 bunny rug doubled over = 2 blankets

+1 bunny rug wrapped aeround her is probabley 2 rugs again

and if some times 3 rugs doubled over that six blankets

The litle sweet is proably sweating her little bm off

Hope this help s

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