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Hi there
DS in now 3 weeks old and we are tryin to get a routine of sorts going ie feed/play/sleep. During the day we often have to wake him to feed if he goes beyond three hours. However, we find that (esp during the day) bubs will fall asleep in my arms during and straight after a feed - hence no play time. (we try for 20mins one side and offer the other) so we don't have a chanve to play/ or have a sleep routine. Overnight we let him wake himself (though no longer than five hours) The problem then becomes how to settle? We try the swaddle/sh/pat but an hour into this is driving me nuts!
Should we try and wake him up after the feeds to get some up time?
How long do you persist with the settling?
Also, sometimes DS just lies wide awake for up to four hours after a feed and is quiet - ie not crying, not unsettled, then when he is due another feed he falls alssep within 5 mins!
any advice would be greatly appreciated

mum to a cheekey monkey DS 23/03/2006

with my son we basically let him determine when he wants to eat, sleep and feed and have since we got him home. sometimes he wants a play after a feed and other times not. i never wake him up for a feed. at night he will go down at 8pm ( i give him a feed in his room with the night light on only) and will sleep until about 2am. he then has another feed and straight back to sleep until 6am. during the day he usually wants a feed every 3-4 hours and will have a pretty big play in the morning and sleep in the afternoon. i do not put him in his room to sleep during they day so am not sure if this helps him distinguish day from night, but have never had a problem with him sleeping at night, whereas during the day he tends to power nap more than anything

robert 15 feb 06 qld

enoy this time! my DS is now 5 1/2 weeks and is only now starting to want to play. before when we played with him he would get over stimulated and not sleep, so we had to tone it down. but we found that he was often falling a sleep while feeding. some days he literally slept, other days he was more awake. but now he is starting to be awake longer before showing tired signs. i am now introducing his toys back and encouraging kicking, tummy time and lots of talking and facial immitation. hopfully this will tire him out more and make him sleep better through the day (we have had a rough last 2 weeks!)
i find that when they are hungry they soon let you know! mine often catches up later in the after noon, from 5pm on wards, and even though he is on the bottle he will go from 3 - 4 hour feeds to a couple of 2 hour feeds. i think this is their natural way of stocking up for the night, so i always feed him (and the local infant nurse said this as well). anything to get as long as possible in the night!!

Hi there snowwhite!!

I am a first time mum to a 4 and a half week old Charli. She tells me roughly what she wants to do after each feed. In the mornings she usually has her awake time where she isn't drousy after the feed but stays awake and is happy to sit and watch everyone doing their normal chores. I tend to know at the end of the feed if she is going to sleep or will stay awake. Somedays she can have awake time more often and somedays she can sleep all day!! She is a good bub and by the time it gets to 8-9pm whether she has slept on and off all day or been awake all day she will hit the sack and sleep until 4-5am. After this feed it usually takes me five minutes to pop her back into her cot and I listen to her grunting and if she is still doing this after 15 mintues (only on occassions) I go back in and nurse her off to a deep sleep (15 mins max)...I tend to play with her whenever she tells me she is staying awake and thats when the other family members play with her too...

hope this helps and I know that my routine will go out the window soon as she has been doing this for the past 2 weeks - change will be coming soon!!!

Charli's mum

Hi Snowwhite

Your post sounded exactly like mine when my little one was that age!

My baby is now 7 weeks old and is on a 3 hour routine that we set.

Can I perhaps suggest that you leave your bub until perhaps 3.5hours or 3hrs 15mins, then wake to feed. If you are constantly having to wake DS up, perhaps he just needs that little more sleep. At 3 weeks, I wouldn't go any more then 3.5 hours.

When my little one was at that age, we struggled to get her to feed properly as she was always falling asleep - however, we made a huge effort to keep her awake (wet washer, tickles, change nappy, or take clothes off and on etc..) We had to ensure she had a good feed or else she would just wake up 1/2hr later hungry. We also made a big effort to keep her awake after her feed .. sometimes this is not possible, however, we made a point of trying everytime.

At night, when my little one woke up, I fed her, wrapped her back on and put her straight back to bed. If DS cries - ensure he is ok (check nappy, hot / cold, wind etc..) if all good, let him cry, with regular checks. He may just need to learn that night is not for playing or being awake. It will be tough to do the first couple of times, but, it will benefit you and him.

Good luck
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