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Great product for wind pain,colic & reflux that actually works Lock Rss

Hi everyone, i just wanted to share with you a product that i find fantastic for wind pain, colic and reflux.I have brought so many products that never worked, but this did for my baby.Its called Marina Infant Mixture,Made by Morzone Pharmaceuticals.There was also a story on Current Affair about this product.It is around $13 from memory and is natural product. There website is and phone 07 40546856. I hope this will help someone.

vickie,sa,8week old

Hi everyone. My little boy has colic and I have found the the oldest remedies are usually the best. I tried Infacol and Infants Friend to no avail. Sure they worked at the start. My mum kept telling me to use Gripe Water, but stuborn me kept saying no, that wont work. But you know what, I tried it and it does work,. I now have a much happier little boy and I am finally getting some much needed sleep. Lesson learnt. Mums do know best.
How old do they have to be in order to use it? As i have a 3 week old baby boy who has wind, colic etc really bad and we are finding it hard to settle him. We have used gripe water and all that seems to do is make him sick
I used that mixture in the first few weeks but then found that it wasn't strong enough. Also the struggle of having to get 4ml in the syringe and down my baby girls throat was awful. She hated the taste. I used Infacol right from 4 weeks and she liked the taste and the pippette was a godsend. I'd never seen the wind come up so quick. Infacol doesn't work for everyone as I have seen posts of many mums not liking that product and Marina Infant mixture. Its a matter of trial and error and hopefully one will work (forever)!
I also use Marina Infant Mixture and it this only thing that has worked for DD. Recommend it highly to anyone who has a bubs with colic/reflux problems!!! It was recommended to me from the hospital as well as the CYH Nurse and it sure does work!

DD#1 - 3.7yrs, DD#2 -20mnths, DD#3 is here! 21.08.

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