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baby wont sleep! HELP!!!! Lock Rss

hello everyone i am a first time mother of baby jordy how 4 weeks 4 days old and i am having trouble getting him to sleep after his 9:30 and 3:30 feed he stays awak for about 1 1/2 hours. What can i go to get him to sleep? please help!!!
Hey kaila,

I feel your pain - my wee Jessica used to be the same at aht age and trust me it does get better.

What I used to do is take her for a walk in her baby bjorn carrier when all else failed. At the end of the day the important thing is that Jordy gets some sleep. The sound of my heart and the movement sent her to sleep - got me out of the house also.

I guess you are looking for tired you let him play after his feed then put him to bed? I used to feed Jessica, let her play, watch for tired signs then put her to bed. I must admit I used to rock her or lye her in my arms and pat her bottom. This made her head bob up and down (not alot and not hard) but that sent her to sleep then I'd place her in her cot - swaddled. Are you swaddling Jordy?

Now Jessica is 10 weeks old and I put her to bed still awake and she settles herself.

I think perserverence is the key and try not get uptight when comforting him. Others have also suggested putting a t-shirt of yours in his bed so he can smell you.

When you put him to bed if he is just letting out little sqwaks and not crying then leave him be - he will eventually go to sleep.

Lots of people also recommend the book Save our Sleep from Tizzie can get it at Big W or K-Mart. I got it the other day and whilst I don't follow her strict routine there is some other interesting information.

Your Child Health people also area great help and they may run a feeding clinic where they run through a feeding and sleep cycle with you showing you different ways to settle your baby - have you tried them yet?

Hope this helps and keep me posted.

Karen, BNE

hi guys
I am in the same situation. I am a fisrt time mum to a baby boy of 3 weeks of age. We have tried a dummy, rocking, sawddling, walking, radio, and still to no avail we are having problems putting him down. Have you had any luck???
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