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i seem to be manopolising this web site, but, my 5 week old still wont settle and i was wondering if maybe he has silent reflux. he feeds fine, hasnt vomited now for days, gets the hiccups a lot, doesnt arch his back, but does kick his legs (which i have assumed is a tired sign).
can someone tell me what the symptoms are, might be worth another trip to the gp to confirm if i think it sounds like him.


This info was posted on another thread by a lady called 'logansmum'...

Reflux is a whole lot more than dribbling a bit of vomit. Reflux occurs when the sphincter muscle at the top of the stomach is incompetant causing the stomach contents including feeds plus gastric acid to regurgitate into the oesophagus. This can manifest itself in two forms: vomiting/poseting or so called "silent" reflux (I can tell you it sure as hell is not SILENT!!!). Where the baby actually vomits or spills some of their feeds they can either be "happy chuckers" where no pain is caused and it becomes a laundry problem or it can cause immense pain where the the bub exhibits some or all of the following symptoms almost constantly:

not sleeping
waking up screaming
crying/screaming in his sleep
not wanting to be put down
wet sounding burps
acid smelling breath
catching their breath
back arching
being generally miserable
and of course vomiting

This list is just a few of the symptoms that Logan experiences that I can think of off the top of my head. Silent reflux is where the baby experiences the above but does not actually vomit. We switch between the two.

There are several medications available via prescription from your GP or peadiatrician that are designed to reduce or stop the stomach acid being produced. Logan is on two of these: Zantac and Losec. Nothing stops the vomiting. You can try thickening feeds with thickener (Karicare) or switching to a reflux formula which are a little thicker. Does not work for us. Sometimes starting solids helps - we just created coloured vomit.

Other things you can do is to prop the end of his cot and change table up to 30 degrees, feed upright, and keep baby calm and upright for at least 20min to half hour after feeds. Using a dummy can help as the sucking action may help to keep the fluid in the stomach.

My son had silent relux and I found this web site very helpful

Hope this helps


Sorry me again..

I found 2mls of original mylanta 10-20minutes before each bottle helped alot..
It stopped the acid burning..
This is what my gp told me to and it worked wonders.. But check with your GP first..

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