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has anyone used a sleep consultant? I have contacted one and hopefully she will assist me soon (i think the Tresillian and Karitane sleeping schools have long waiting lists). has anyone had any expereinces with them? and do you recommend them? I have a 5 week old who i dont want our bad habits to rub off on! i am sure it is my husband and i who are sending the mixed messages which are hindering his sleep, but i just cant see what they are through the haze of 3 hours sleep a day!

Hi Danae

I have read a couple of your posts and it brings back memories of my first child. He had colic, silent reflux and never slept! We went to a sleep clinic at 5 weeks and they taught us settling techniques and that's where they put him on Zantac for silent reflux but he was still very unsettled. Think it was the colic and then a stressed out, sleep deprived mum didn't help the situation.

By 9 months the longest he had slept was 5hrs. We then got a consultant to come into our home and she stayed overnight. It was the best thing we ever did, much better environment than going to a sleep clinic. Of course the technique at 9 months is different to newborn but I found it more beneficial having someone come to me over going to a sleep clinic. By night 4 we had a child that slept through the night and we haven't looked back since.

I now have an 8 1/2 week old baby who fortunately is a much better sleeper. I basically wanted to let you know that I know exactly what you're going through. It does end, it does get better and they do eventually settle. I know it feels like an eternity right now and you will try anything to get the baby to sleep through. We went to hospitals, doctors, chiropractors, you name it. He eventually settled but we had formed bad habits so try to catch it early and again, my advice from my personal experience is to get someone to come to you.

I wish you the best of luck and let me know how you go. This is a hard time but you will get through it.

Simone, Vic, Boy 6/7/03; Girl 12/2/06

I have used he Tresillian sleeping school in penrith. They do have long waiting list but when you ring to book you tell them that you can get there on short notice.They are always getting cancelations. My referal went in on a tuesday and i rang the following tuesday to book in as procedure and was advised that they had a vacancy if i could be there the next day.They are really great and helped us alot. My boy wouldn't sleep in his bed had to be rocked to sleep and then wouldnt let you put him down. I was stressed and tired tresillian helped heaps. It also gives you a break from homelife- no cooking and housework to be done- gives you time just to focus on ypour child and yourself.
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