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Will NOT self settle Lock Rss

i know this is a repetative thread, but my almost 5 week old will not self settle. i have called Karitane and spoke to them (at 4am this morning!!) and what i am doing (letting him cry, patting him etc.) is what they suggest, and that it is very unusual that he wont cry himself to sleep eventually. this has only been affecting his day sleeps (or no day sleeps) until yesterday when he didnt sleep in the night. he doesnt have reflux or colic or any medical concerns.
he just refused to self settle and will go 6 - 7 hours (or two feeds) without sleeping. has anyone else had a similar problem and found a unique solution?! or am i just expecting too much? the lady from Karitane said that at some point when he just wont settle that rocking him at least gets him to have some sleep and then to start again after next feed.
any ideas????

Hi danae! This sounds like my little one!!! Its so very frustrating isn't it? My daughter would flatly refuse to cry herself to sleep aswell. They all told me "a newborn protest cry can last UP to 20 minutes". Well i tell you the 20 minute mark came and went MANY times and she never fell asleep once!!! I have definately noticed though with my little one that if i don't get her down for a nap in the morning, she will be a shocker for the rest of the day. I put it down to overtiredness. So i have to be very careful not to let her get too tired before i attempt the morning sleep. That means dont' wait until she starts crying or fussing before i put her down. The other thing that has helped me heaps is a trip to the paediatric chiropractor. Turned out she had a dislocated shoulder from birth!!! I'm not surprised she couldn't sleep. She really was a different baby when we came home. She's just had her second treatment, what a difference it makes! Apparently there's all sorts of things that can be wrong with a baby's spine, shoulders, hips, legs etc. from going through the birth process (it would be a fairly rough ride i guess). He didn't crunch her back or anything, just used finger pressure to get things right again. And although you have to pay a consultation fee it might not be a bad idea getting him checked just to rule something like that out?? Especially if you're sure he doesn't have reflux or anything else.... Other than that i can only suggest you hang in there!! Best of luck!!!

Sarah, mum of Natalie & Jessica

Hi Danae
I have replied to another post of yours: Sleep Consultant and explained that your baby sounds just like my first born. I just noticed after reading this thread that you had an emergancy ceaser which is also exactly what I had. I wonder if it's a pattern for an unsettled baby? When I took my son to the chiro he showed us a video on the trauma their bodies go through with emergancy ceasars. I also have a couple of friends who have had the same problem and went to a chiro with good results. Maybe give it a go. It wasn't a quick fix in our case but I know it has worked for many others.

Simone, Vic, Boy 6/7/03; Girl 12/2/06


stiik with it is my only advice. my bub did the same thing. its sooo hard. but get support. and be consistent is the key !!! dont' give in.....if he is not distressed then let him cry......if u do go in don't talk just pat n only pik him up if u must.......sayen that just remember he is only 5wks !!! don't expect too much he is just a newborn n needs his mummmy.

Danni, WA,

Hi danae
Good to hear things are getting better. When I was in the sleep clinic with my son at 5 weeks old I remember them saying not to go into him until he is at full cry for 2 mins. Then go in, resettle by placing him on his side with one hand firmly on his shoulder and the other patting his bottom. Once he was calm and settled then gently turn him back on his back then walk out and do it all again. I remember doing this but Marc ended up having silent reflux and colic so I ended up staying with him until his eyes closed - he still woke up frequently.
The good news is, I have been doing it with my now 9 week old and she is sleeping very well. So it appears that unless your baby has a medical condition, this method should work. I must say that it takes time, committment, patience and consistancy. There's no denying it's bloody hard, but worth the effort.
I remember when i finally did the controlled crying with Marc at 9 months (he no longer had relfux or colic but had formed bad habits), I committed myself to stay home for 2 weeks purely to get his sleeping right and it worked. He is now an excellent sleeper.
You have received heaps of great advice and it has been great to read what everybody does. I hope this helps and doesn't confuse you more. Take what you like and what works for you.
Would be interested to hear how it's all going.

Simone, Vic, Boy 6/7/03; Girl 12/2/06

Hi, My second baby would not settle at about 3 weeks and i took her to every doctor i could find and they all said she had colic, so i naturally thought she did but after trying every colic medicine on the market and that not working, and having hardly any sleep for 4 months i took her to child and youth health for a day clinic and within an hour she was sleeping. It turns out she didnt know how to go to sleep by her self so i had to teach her. I had a rocking cradle so what i had to do was put her down when ready for bed and rock her vigourosly (but not too hard obviously) until she went to sleep and then every day u would reduce to rocking until its down to nothing and she learns to sleep. It does take determination and lots of time but it does work. All i have to do now is give her a bottle and when shes finished she SLEEPS!

Hope it can help. Good Luck.
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