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I have a almost 3 month old boy, his very long and his outgrowing his bassinet, I have tried for him to sleep in his own room in a cot but he just stays awake he won't sleep there at all.

Yesterday he fell asleep in my arms so I put him in his cot, and he woke up about 10min after.

I don't know what to do i am stressing as he needs to move to his room and his the bassinet is getting small.

Any suggestions out there
Hi There Sparkle.

My suggestion would be to put him in his cot when he is happy and awake and try to put him in for a sleep once a day and slowly increase it.

Does he sleep ok in his bassinett? I used this technique to put my daughter INTO her bassinett as she was sleeping in a Tetra bed which i found out is BAD for SIDS so straight into the cot. Took her a bit to get used to and i did let her cry for a bit and just play in the cot. I used to pat her on the back or rest my hand on her then softly raise it up when she woke up to try and get her to go back to sleep and i also use a dummy when its night time.

Hope this helps! Let me know how you go

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I don't mean to be rude but why does he need to be in his own room already? He is only 3 months old, personally I would stress more if my daughter was not in my room. But hey each to their own. Anyway I have a few suggestions. Have you tried wrapping him up tightly? I still have to wrap my bub up or she wakes constantly. My other suggestion is to move the cot into your room, just until he gets used to it then moving it out. It may not be that he doesn't like the cot, rather that he doens't like being by himself. Hope i've helped

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keep at it. consistency is the key.

my bub was the same....wen he went from cradle to cot....the cot was soo big for him and i guess maybe that scared him a little bit.

stik at it tho, stay wif ur bub during the day for a bit and show him his new cot and talk about it positively. believe it or not bubs are very clever on piking up on negativity.
good luk hang in there.

Danni, WA,

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