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It's soooo good to know that there are other mother's out there that are just like me. No one understands what it is like to have a baby with reflux. I go to my girlfriends houses and their babies are like little dolly's. My Emma just screams the whole time!! I have just returned from a week long stay at Karitane. Within 2 days a registered nurse had seen Emma's reflux and increased her medication twice while we were there. They have also put her on soy formula. I don't really think that it has made any difference and it is a pain because I still have to thicken it. And, it really stinks!! Hopefully things will improve soon. You really feel isolated having a reflux baby.

Janette, NSW

Oh, girls.

I know, I know! I used to get told you have such a good baby, but that was only because he lived in our arms so much he had no need to cry. And then I would get 'You haven't done much work today'. I have also thought, 'How could I go out to work and leave him in day care when it takes me all day to look after him, I couldn't leave him with someone who had others to look after as well. He would've suffered even more. Janeen, ditto, ditto, ditto. Always spare clothes in the car, always wearing a bib over his beautiful clothes, always telling people you can't do that with him otherwise he might spew over you or I would be left dealing with it after they had gone. More work. Always smelling like spew and probably not getting a shower for 3 hours or so after the spew by the time you got him cleaned up, bathed, changed, fed, to sleep, etc. Still not getting much tummy time because unless I remember to get on the floor with him about a half hour to hour before feed it doesn't happen. Can't do it sooner or much spew. Always taking props like nappies, purse, etc to use as a pillow under his head when changing his nappy at one of those flip down nappy change station as they always seem to be lying down hill. That is really frustrating. I love baking and that too has become non-existant. Mind you, most things are non-existant these days, except washing, it seems. I'm getting really good at that. (joke)

Sometimes you feel like a prisoner, because there are just some days when you can't go out as they are so bad and days when it is just too much work to try and get everything done to get out. You have to like your own company and even then I started to get cabin fever. God, couldn't we whinge all day about how hard it was? Things are a lot better now since we saw the chiro and got things sorted and learnt so much on the way ourselves. Janeen, I have only just started thinking maybe the dose isn't strong enough now, as BJ's reflux has gotten worse recently. Maybe another visit to the doc to increase. What do you think? He is almost sitting up now. Yay! We prop pillows around him and put his toys on top where he can reach and he is so happy. I can come back and check on him in a little while though and here he will be lounging all over them playing with something. It looked like he was reading his book today. Very cute!

Anyway, enough about my problems, too. I was lucky to have discovered a couple of rellies who I could talk to as they had gone through it. One with really bad reflux (not sure about colic) and the other with both and she has only just got over hers in the last 12 months so very recent memories. Felt very trapped, too.

Oh, yeah. We have moved house twice too in the last 6 months. Lots of fun.

Keep your chin up and we are always here if you feel like a whinge or a talk. You need an outlet and a friendly ear who can understand.

Hi Ange, As Caleb grew bigger he needed his medication increased, as you say you just know the difference. He started at 1ml before feeds and ended at 3.5ml of Zantac. Also BJ may need another adjustment at the Chiro? I have read in his post that for some people Zantac does stop working. I also read in another post about another medication which does seem to be working. Not sure which post this is in, sorry. As you know things are still crazy in my house. I took Caleb to see an excellent midwife (who moved away) and she said in her experience if the child is suffering from reflux they will also suffer in some degree of colic. Caleb stopped medication around 8 months of age and all they did was stop increasing it so when he grew bigger the dose was very small for his size so that in the end we just stopped giving it to him. For a few months we still saw his Paediatrician to be sure all was ok and he was not given Zantac for every feed and sometimes not every day. He doesnt suffer from the pain at all now but still have the odd vomit. When this happens I know he is due for a visit to the chiropractor.
Having a reflux baby is such hard work. We used disposable nappies but due to the vomiting we used cloth nappies to clean up. As you said just the washing alone is a lot of work. Not to mention we still have covers on our lounge. To have your first baby with reflux was just an extra shock as I had no idea what to do in general. I just had to wing it as I didnt know anyone with a reflux baby. I use to get so embarrased as I was always the smelly one with the smelly baby. As you said Ange I used to buy Caleb the most beautiful clothes which were always covered in a stupid bib. Just when you thought it was safe to take it off..............pluuuuggg. My husband used to call Caleb "chucky". Due to his reflux the Paediatrican wanted Caleb to start on solids around 3 months of age. We did this and read in a book all this will do was make his vomits more colourful and interesting but we didnt find this at all. He was able to keep his food down. Caleb even had trouble keeping water down for a while. Poor kid use to bring just about everything up. As there is no 6month formula in AR Caleb was put onto cows milk at 12 months. We have since changed him to goats milk. I was so frightened he was going to start the vomiting all over again. I was so suprised when he didnt do this. Please keep me inform on how you go!
Hi again Everyone,
You are all just too kind. It's wonderful to find that the chaos I'm living in isn't something that only I am experiencing. I'm moving in with my mum & sister for the next few weeks while they knock down the back half of my house and put up the new extension (right now there's just a gaping hole where my clothesline & yard used to be). Hubby won't be coming as he's going to take a week off work to help out and he doesn't want to travel the 30km each way every day. I wasn't ever planning to be a hero and stay here while the furniture from the back half of my house had to be kept in the front along with everything else that is already crowded in there.
I went to the chiro today and yippee, hurrah!!! he said the problems were fixable. It's funny but we had a joke while I was there because I said a mother always gives things up for their child and his reply was "It's a mother's duty to fall on her sword." How true! The reason this came about was I gave my appointment up to getting 2yr old Camryn sorted out as well (I hadn't considered that she had anything he could work on until I got there and told him about her constant ear, throat and sinus infections). He was just so good with both the girls, especially Cam who's 'very 2' and does things on her terms only. We go again on Monday but I'm over the moon that he will be able to eliminate their problems. Gaby's back was out below her ribcage and her neck wasn't even in the ball park of normal. Poor little thing, she screamed & I could hear all the movement but when it was all over she was far less stiff (she's about as stiff as an ironing board and just as hard to hold on to for it). Cam was also out and she cried right at the end as he did her ears.
The most interesting thing he did was to change Cam onto Aussie Rice milk as he said that as Daddy is an asthma sufferer, she naturally having his genes would also have a milk intolerance. He believes that this not only has attributed to her snuffles and constant infections but could also be attributing to her 'very 2' behaviour which we are going to investigate further at the RPA Allergy Clinic.
He also suggested that we change Gaby from the Karicare AR to Karicare Goats Milk formula. Again for having Daddy's genes! Bloody Daddy - why is nothing ever simple? Anyhow, as formula isn't cheap and I stock up every time it goes on special, she'll have to wait another couple of weeks before we can afford to change her over.
I'm really glad you suggested going as I'd give anything a go to help make her lot easier. Poor little Gab has already had an uphill battle and it's just so unfair for someone so cute!
On another note, we used to change Gab before her feeds and give her nappy free time then but as she often 'loads up' while feeding, we've taken to changing her after sitting her up for 15mins when she's finished. As she's awake so long during the day I tend to give her play time if she's been awake too long as this often tuckers her out enough to sleep after the next feed. Apparently there are reflux change mats now available and I used one at the day stay but I haven't seen them in the shops so we've put her change table up on phone books just like her cot.
Since birth they have been trying to get Gabe to take a dummy, firstly to stop her crying while the Drs worked on her while she was in hospital and then later for the reflux. I stuck with a Nuk dummy although everyone kept telling me to buy a Happy dummy (I just don't like the idea of putting Latex in my child's mouth as knowing my luck she'd develop an allergy to it) and we finally are taking to it like a duck to water. This has helped to ease the pain she was suffering from last week.
Sorry to leave but it's late and I should get some sleep before the girls wake again. Poor Cam's still not well but at least we're making progress on that front too.
Look after yourselves,
Thanks for listening,

Peta, NSW, mum of 2 gorgeous girls

Hi Everyone,
Just me again - I can't believe how wired I was last night. I'm paying for it today though so I can only hope the girls have a good day. There was nothing I could do to make myself sleep last night. Luckily Cam has woken up in a much better and happier mood today but Gab on the other hand has started poorly.
I think what we're doing really well and I'm enjoying the support I'm getting from you all. I noticed that this is the most popular topic for the last 3 days. It just comes to show how much we can all support one another.
Look after yourselves,

Peta, NSW, mum of 2 gorgeous girls

Hi everyone
There is a great msn group called "Gastric Reflux Support for Infants and" There is heaps of support for those who have children with reflux. If u have questions, there is plenty of people here to give u advice. And a bit of reading material for those who want to know all the facts

Linda, NSW, mum of Olivia (b) 03.01.03

Hi Everyone. We didnt want to give Caleb a dummy at all. We always thought them to be dirty things!! I was totally disgusted when I was given 3 of them from different people as presents when he was born. Caleb was sucking his thumb from very early on. I was told by his paediatrician to try a dummy so in sheer desperation at 3 am one morning I opened one of the "presents" and washed it under boiling hot water. I let it cool and tried to give it to Caleb. Well he spat it out which I thought was just great as it proved he didnt want it. Then the midwife said to persevere as sucking the dummy will help ease the pain. Just by chance my husband had an appointment with his dentists who enquired about how Caleb was going. When he told the dentists he had reflux he say do yourself a favour and go buy a dummy. My husband was really shocked as we thought a dentist would advise against it. Turns out both of the dentists children had reflux and this was the only thing he found helped. The point of this post is this, we asked what the best dummy was to get and he recommended the NUK dummies. He said they were the closest to the shape of a natural mouth. As you know they are just about the dearest ones as well. Caleb now loves his dummy so now we are faced with the problem of getting rid of it.
Pete so glad to hear your visit went well. Isnt it funny both Gab and Caleb have problems with their necks? You wonder if its a factor of the reflux thing? I changed Caleb from cows milk to goats because he seemed always muscy. My father has asthma as well so I am hoping Caleb does not have it. Caleb has been so sick this winter and just cant seem to shake a thing.
I hope things are on the up and up for you. Please keep us up to date on the girls progress.
Hey Pete further to our reflux/ Asthma conversation have you seen this web site?
Its worth a look as it goes on to say there is research being done into the link between reflux and asthma. I am sure this is only in adults but you never know. Let me know what you think.
Hi again everyone,
I've been at mum's now for a week with 15wk old Gab & have left 2yr old Cam at home with Dad. It's far saner looking after one child instead of running flat-chat after two. I really didn't give my hubby a chance to say no as I planned everything carefully including drop-off & pick-up times for her care, possible shopping for her, clothes out in piles marked with each day & a list of what to include in her pre-school & family day care lunch boxes & bags! I thought of all the possibilities he could run into so he just couldn't say no. He wasn't too impressed and threw out the line "But she needs her mother!". Oh, please! She managed perfectly fine without me while I was in hospital having Gab & I tuck her into bed 6 days a week still anyway and dash off to mum's afterwards. Suffice to say he's coping well & she's loving her special time with Daddy. I'm off to work full-time for the next 2 wks then I have 2 wks of holidays before I return on Mondays & Tuesdays for the rest of the year. Cam will be joining Gab & me at mum's when the school holidays start. Hopefully then the extension won't take too much longer once 4th term commences so I don't have to keep going backwards & forwards.
Anyhow, I'm over the moon with Gab's progress with the chiro. We're still on weekly visits as he says her stomach just won't 'give' but she's actually happier & has started to get a decent sleep throughout the day. Today was our 3rd visit & he said she's definitely making progress but we can see that for ourselves. I can't thank you enough for making the suggestion. It'll be another 3 weeks before we put her on the goat's milk which the chiro assures will make a great improvement again.
Must go as she's waking for her last feed of the day.
I'll keep you all posted.
Thank you, thank you, thank you,

Peta, NSW, mum of 2 gorgeous girls


From all of us, you are so welcome! I just wish I knew about these solutions earlier myself. And the website and forum for all the ideas.

Hi Again Everyone,
Gabe is doing really well. We are actually off to the Allergy Clinic at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital at the end of the month & even without seeing her (but meeting big sister Camryn in full flight & hearing Gab's story) they have recommended we go on to a prescription formula called Neocate. It's $60 for a 400g tin & I can only hope that A) it works & cool it doesn't end up costing us that much. Only time will tell as we have only just started weaning her on to it today & it's too early for results. These specialists do not believe that Karicare AR works (which our paed. also stated at our 8wk check up).
Reflux is apparently related to food intolerences and even though she'll 'grow out of it', she'll always have problems with reflux throughout her life. I can't wait to meet them (my sister took Cam to her appointment as I had to work) & see what else they have to say. I have to believe them as they are the top of the specialty chain in this area in Australia. All we needed was a referral from the GP & a 3-4mth wait to get in to see them.
Camryn has food intolerences that are causing her to be "VERY TWO". We are now bout to embark on a long & arduous adventure of the Elimination Diet!!!! Hopefully things will turn around for them both.
Both girls are still seeing the chiro, Cam every month & Gaby still every wk. She had a shocker last week & took 4 days to recover from the treatment but is much better for it now.
Look after yourselves,

Peta, NSW, mum of 2 gorgeous girls

have you ever taken your child to a homepathic person. we have a 3 month now who had reflux at 6 weeks and the doctor put us on zantac syrup and then we tried a homepathic guy who has helped our baby to settle and he is a differant baby now. we also have his mattress up on a pillow so he sleeps at a 30 degree angle. anything is worth trying! we still have his matress tilted and still are having problems with wind other than that the actual reflux has settled down.

danielle .tas

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