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Hi Ange & Janeen,
Wow, my jaw just dropped! Gaby has only just started to straighten up her head while resting although she has always had good control of her neck muscles. I'm almost at the guilty feeling stage not having looked into it earlier.
I'll write once I've seen the chiro. Hopefully things will improve again as we've been going backwards in the last few days and the medication doesn't seem to be helping much. We were warned that they're at their worst from 3-4 months and I'm beginning to believe it as she's 3 months old tomorrow.

Peta, NSW, mum of 2 gorgeous girls

Hi Janeen & Pete,
You can say that again! The poor little mite. I feel for you. Apparently when I was a baby and up to age of 3 had bad back problems myself. A spinal curve and ankle/feet problems mainly, so a chiro has always been a part of my life. But thank god you did go when you did. Better late than never.

Janeen, perhaps we could get together one of these days over a cuppa, etc. You can email me direct if you like:

It sounds like we have a bit in common. It would be nice to get out in the real world with another young mum to talk to.

I hope I can offer some help for you. I have 5 children and all were reflux, and contrary to the latest research, the only way I found any relief for my reflux babies was to sleep them on there tummies. My doc actually advised this for our 1st and we never looked back. I'm wondering if your breast feeding or bottle. Due to reflux my babies were a little jumpy too so this helped with there settling cause when they are on ther tummys they don't give themselves freights by waving there arms around as they sometimes do when they sleep on there back. I was a bit of a sucker when my babies were suffering, I literally just carried them everywhere. But they did grow out of it once they started solids it seemed to get slowly better.
Hi, my name is Kathy and I live in Daisy Hill. I have 5 children and my second one is also Caleb. It has been interesting reading all the stories on reflux. All mine were diagnosed reflux too. We are still alive and doing well now that my youngest is 3.
Hello Everyone, Wow look at us go. We could start our own support group!! Ange I will be in touch with you. It would be great to get together with someone who I dont feel like I have to constantly apologise for my son vomiting every where!! Just kidding but seriously it would be good to catch up in person. I didnt have any contact with any other mum who's child had reflux and it was just so hard and I felt so very alone. You feel like you are the only person who has a child with this. My mum is ill at the moment and staying with us. Thanks for the compliment on the young mums, at 35 I feel young some days but I have my days like most people I guess.
Has any one ever heard their childs reflux? I did once and I thought it was his stomach rumbling. That was until I saw Calebs face go bright red and then he started to scream and I could see little bits of vomit in his mouth. I have heard little rumbles again but he has not been screaming although he has been vomiting again. I am not sure if its the reflux again or perhaps he is either hungry or just his belly rumbling. I think he needs another visit to the chiro. This could then lead us to the next question as to what age do babies belly rumble?Kathy I dont know how you cope with 5 reflux babies. You deserve a medal. Isnt it strange we all sort of live in the same area. Hopefully we can pass info to each other. My email address is
I will wait to hear from you,
How did you safely sleep your kids on their stomach?

Marti, NSW, Baby Boy born on 17th July 2003

Hi Pete,
I have a 3 1/2 month old boy (my 1st child), he too has been diagnosed with reflux (more silent than projectile) & colic. The max he sleeps a day is approx. 1hr, that is sleeping 1/2 hr each sleep & for the rest of the day he spends crying, even being in my arms or the dummy will not console him somtimes, but being upright on my shoulder will at times. At night he wakes almost every 2 hrs crying. He too has been put on AR formula, which stopped the vomiting but not the pain & also Zantac, which to me made no difference I feel. I was just wondering is there any specific reason why you put your little girl on Heinz formula? Is that a better one? I have had my son on Karicare Gold formula since 3 days old as we had difficulties breastfeeding, he was then on 2 bottles a day of AR Karicare & the rest of the bottles Karicare Gold & also having Zantac 3 times a day, then he was put on Infasoy to see if that made a difference, but it didn't, so I was then told to try him on S-26, stop the Zantac & try him with Infocol in his bottles for the colic. But unfortunately this as made no difference at all either. I have an appointment with my pead. today, hopefully we may get some answers there. I would really be interested to hear from you about the Heinz formula & if you may have any other suggestions for us. Thanks!!
Hi Jaime,
I don't know if you have any reservations about a chiro, but it literally saved us! You may have read in the earlier posts about that. It is worth a shot, because none of the medication or other methods helped the colic settle completely, only temporarily for each sleep time and that was a lot of work. As far as I know from our experience the Zantac won't stop the reflux, but it does stop it from burning. It is more of a heart burn remedy. But it is safe to give to babies long time as opposed to your Gaviscon and others which can damage a baby's stomach if used continually.

All I can say is 'Do it now and you will get your life back and baby will be much happier, too.'

Good luck.

P.S. I haven't heard of the Heinz formula either until reading it here. We still use S-26 AR.

Hi Everyone,
I've been a bit quite lately as Gabe's reflux has been violently upsetting her like it did when she was much smaller. My 2yr old has now become ill & trips to the Dr & ER haven't made any difference. I'm almost feeling blessed that Gaby has silent reflux as there's no vomit to clean up after & I'm really tired from Camryn's vomitting, moaning & constant crying with the infection she has. I just love it when you get desperate enough to go to the ER when your child has had vomitting & a 40+ temp. for 3 days & the Dr has the audacity to ask, "Why are you here?" Suffice to say I wasn't very impressed & my husband stormed out of the place! It's just another reflection of the chaos I'm currently surrounded by as we're extending so Gaby fits in, have no kitchen sink as the builder smashed the pipe, my laundry is gone so the machine is draining into the bathtub & we have it hooked up to the front yard hose set up through the bathroom window, the machine has now gone on the blink & I've got vomitty clothes & linen piled high, & to top it all off Camryn hasn't left my side for 4 days now as she's distraught!
Anyhow, enough whinging, it's not fixing anything! I used Heinz formula with Camryn when I stopped expressing and went back to work. Most of the girls in my Mother's group used it too which is why I got onto it. It worked well for Gaby initially as she just couldn't keep down the breast milk & once she went onto formula she changed into a silent reflux baby (our paed. actually doesn't believe that formulas make much difference to reflux babies but we changed to Karicare AR anyway as we were desperate enough to give anything a try).
I have heard her reflux from day one & it breaks my heart when she snuffles, burps, coughs & swallows constantly with it. She drops her bottom lip & whinces when she has it. It took 9 wks before we could entice smiles from her as she was such a sad, sad baby. The nurse at the day stay I visited said it was better for reflux babies not to have a monitor as the parents became too on edge listening to their general noisiness. It has been recommended that I allow Gaby to sleep on her stomach during the day but I'm to stay with her to monitor her breathing. Unfortunately with a 2yr old, this hasn't been possible but she doesn't mind sleeping on her left side so I have a bed roll to help keep her from rolling onto her stomach.
I've been told that most babies grow out of their reflux by 1yr & I'm hoping this is true as a friend's 3yr old still vomits up to 3 times a day. Gaby still doesn't sleep well through the day but at least we have the tears mostly under control. I think the Zantac has only had limited success with her but I know there are at least a couple of other drugs out there we can turn to. Even though she should take it before food, we have come to putting it into 50mL of her formula & then giving her the rest of the feed as she is terrible giving medication to. We use Zantac on feeds 1,3 & 5 and Mylanta on feeds 2 & 4. We are also lucky she is a thriving reflux baby as she was 4.86kg born & now weighs 8kg at 3mths.
I have to go as Gaby is stirring & Cam has just woken up in my arms.
Best wishes,
P.S. I go to the chiro at the end of the week.

Peta, NSW, mum of 2 gorgeous girls

Hi Pete, Just reading your email has brought back so many memories and it actually brought tears to my eyes!! You sound like me about this time last year except I didnt have another baby to look after thank god. You poor little thing. You whinge any time you like. You have every right to whinge, so whinge as long and as many times as you like. You have to get it off your chest or you just explode. Having a reflux baby is no picnic. It does get better, I am living proof of it. I know when I was told by the time Caleb was 1 it will all go away and I used to think at this moment that seems a life time away. In the beginning I used to say I was not coping with my baby. I used to say all he does is cry and he never slept. People kept telling me yes yes yes all babies cry this is normal or babies are a lot of work. I used to think if he would only sleep than maybe.........I use to visit other mums and they would pull out biscuits they had baked. I couldnt believe they had the time to do this. Then I would listen to them talk to other mums and they used to complain that all their babies did was sleep and eat? It was then I figured out something was not quite right. He missed out on so many things because of his reflux. We couldnt bounce him on our knee, he couldnt use a bouncer or a jolly jumper. We couldnt even throw him in the air for utter fear this would flair up his reflux. I had to watch people when they picked him up and explain constantly " you cant do that", "be careful he has reflux" or "watch him he has just been feed". We had to constantly think ahead re his feeding so there was enough time before playing. I used to get constantly "Oh your baby has sicked up" I was like yer he does this around 10 times a day and then some. I constantly smelled like vomit as did he. I gave up trying to wear dark colours and when we went out I had to carry a few extra out fits for the whole family. I hated going out or worse going to someone house as I had to constantly follow him every where in case he vomited. Caleb used to projectile vomit and loved to cover the walls. I dont know how you are doing this with another baby plus house renovations!! We had to move a few times and that was bad enough. One of the houses we were renting even went to auction so we had an open house which was just about impossible. .
I wish I could offer more help but it really is only time and I know at the moment you dont have enough as it is. Just remember you have a right to be stressed with all the things happening in your life. I used to think I was loosing the plot and I only had Caleb not all the other things you are coping with as well. Hang in there Pete I know you dont think it but you are doing really well just to get this far.
Take care of yourself as well as you are very important too.
I am thinking of you,
Thanks Ange & Pete for replying with some answers. We actually went to the pead. on Mon & he said that it is reflux & not colic. He has given me a new medication for the reflux called Zoton, it is also given to adults for the same symptoms, but is also safe for children. I don't know wether this is familiar with you or not, or if you have heard that this is good & works. He also put him on Pepti- Junior formula, this is a special formula that you can only get on prescibstion. It is mainly used for children that have allergies with all other formulas. It is like watered down milk when it is made up & it smells & tastes TERRIBLE!! The pead. said that he didn't think the new formula would make much of a difference to him, but it was worth a try & he said because it tastes so terrible that if he didn't like it that it didn't matter & put him back on normal formula. I tried it for a few days & Hayden didn't like it that much & he never finished a full bottle because it tasted so bad, so hence he cried more because he was starving & because it was watery he vomitied 10 times as much as what he normally would. In the end I put him back on S-26 & he's back to drinking a full bottle. I also think that the Zoton has made a little difference to him (as it is ment to nuetralize the acids in the stomach), as he his sleeping more during the day. Yesterday after his morning bottle at 7.30am, nappy change & play, I put him down at 9am, & usually he sleeps max of 30-40mins & then wakes up crying & in pain until his next bottle at 11.30am, but he actually sleep until 11.45am, although this was not solid sleep, he woke a few times crying & just wanting his dummy, but this is a HUGE improvement from the past. He also seems to be a little happier during the day which is great. I also feel lucky as he too is a thriving reflux baby, as he was born 3.25kgs & at 16 weeks he now weighs 6.2kgs. I better go as I need to go & see my work & tell them that I would like to extend my mat. leave for a further 6mths until May next year as I am due back to work in 4wks, but there is no possible way that myself & Hayden are ready for me to return back to work. My childs health is more important than work & until his health is sorted out work is not an option.
Thanks so much for reading my letter & taking the time to send me a reply, much appreciated.
Bye for now,hope to talk soon.
Good on you, girl! You will notice the difference after a couple of visits. It won't happen overnight, but it will happen and you will wish you had gone sooner.

We had an accident last week and the syringe fell apart just as I was trying to get some milk into it and the Zantac went straight into the bottle, so I thought I would try and give it to him anyway. We haven't looked back. He doesn't even know it's there. He still drinks his bottle as normal and now we don't have to worry about any nasty spills and dribbles with the syringe hanging out of the side of his mouth.

I found that if I kept the baby upright for about an hour after his feed either in the rocker, pouch, highchair, pram, etc. then the reflux wasn't nearly as bad and he was happier. He still slept when he needed it. The worst thing was changing his nappy straight after a feed, because as soon as I tipped him up it brought it up and then he would suffer for the next couple of hours as it kept happening.

Good luck with the chiro. You won't regret it.

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