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Rocking your baby to sleep Lock Rss

I've gotten into the habot of rocking my little one to sleep and now he wont go to sleep unless he gets rocked and the strange thing is he has to be rocked quite hard and fast and if he's crying this settles him dramatically, though the rocking isn't the dangerous kind!
I was warned about thins before he arrived and now its to late!

tash,qld,1st baby

You'll need to re-train and this will mean you will have to be able to take a little crying. The controlled crying method I think is the most popular or finding him another sleep prop that isn't so taxing on you.

Good luck!

But I guess it is all a bit of a steep learning curve but I was told start where you want to end then you won't have to go through so much grief. In a way, with the right support group, we have it easy, we can learn from other people's mistakes and vast amount of learned wisdom smile
thanks traceye,

i don't mind the crying though my husband might!!!!
Unfortuneately he still hasn't gotten used to the 2 o'clock cry and has even brought ear plugs to muffle out the sound!

tash,qld,1st baby

my daughter is 7 /12 now and she's still being rocked.
my partner started this bad habbit and now my arms are wearing me out,but she sleeps within minute mostly.
it's a hard habbit to break so im trying to rock her and just before she shuts her eyes i put her in her cot/bed.


mary.NSW 11 month baby

Thats exackly what i do. I have a 7wk (still young i know). As soon as i see him drifting off, i put him to bed. At least he half falls off by himself!

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

I got into the same habit, and found weaning her out very difficult! At 8 weeks had had enough so I started putting her to sleep still awake and sitting beside her cot patting her, each night patting her for less amount of time. By the end of the first week she was falling asleep with me sitting beside the cot, not patting her. Each night after I moved further and further from her cot. I found it worked a treat. I put her to sleep still awake and she drifts off every night without a fuss!

celeste,wa,baby Ella


I was wondering if you are still rocking your baby to sleep. I did the rocking thing with my first child when he started teething. I am just letting you know I was still rocking him at 17 months old and he was really heavy and sometimes would take over half an hour to go to sleep. I had it. I started controlled crying and the first time he screamed for an hour. I sat out the back and cried myself. Then the second and third were a bit better. After that he cried for about 20 minutes each time and went to sleep.

Sonia, NSW, Kieran 25/7/02, Holly 13/10/05

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