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Unsure : could it be colic or constipation Lock Rss

My baby was great for the first 4weeks, he settled well and had 1/2 to an hour "play time".
He had been breastfed but now has formula (S26) and expressed breastmilk in bottles.

Now he cries sometimes for up to 1 hour continuosly and does this a couple times throughout the day and night. I can't even burp him without him crying.

He often settles when we pick him up, but sometimes he wont stop crying and it sounds like a real "hurt" cry.
I used to wrap him and place him in bassinet to sleep, but now the only way he wil sleep is on me or my husband.

I would appreciate your ideas and/or tips


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Hi ZacsMum, Doesnt this just rip your heart out! It could be a few things 1. If babies does no poos this doesnt necessary mean it he is constipated. Generally if you see like little goat pellets in the nappy then that is a good sign he is constipated. You can fix this with a teaspoon of brown sugar to 60mls of water. The longer the poo is in the body the moisture is taken back by the body so it gets really hard and very hard to get out. The molasses in the brown sugar puts a coating around the poo and the water is to put back some moisture back into the poo. Some people say they notice a lot of bowel problems when on formula. When we put our baby on formula he would scream when he tried to poo. We thought he was constipated but the health nurse said the general thing is to look for the goat pellet poos. She said breast milk is very easy to pass so when we put them on formula they have to work harder which they are not use to so they scream.
2. Colic - does he look blue around the mouth? That is a good sign he has a wind problem. The other thing is they usually left there legs up to the tummies (bend them up) and/or there little hands are in fists. You can get a natural colic relief by Brauer from the chemist or a product called Infants friend which will help to get the wind up. Both are pretty good. You can also massage there little tummies but clock ways not anti clock ways and we also found a heat pack(wrapped in thick nappies) on his tummy helped. They also usually love a bath as this soothes it as well. They usually love to be picked up as lieing flat doesnt help the pain and when they are on you they can get into strange positions and sort of wrap themself around you. Just be careful what you are eating as your milk will be effected which then goes into the baby.
3. Reflux. This is when the oesophagus is not working properly (very common) There is a valve in there that closes once the food has gone down, But with reflux it closes to early and traps food forcing it back up. It causes a really bad pain like heartburn as it does burn! Sometimes they vomit but not always. Sometimes you may see a little white bits of vomit in their mouth which they swallow back down. Reflux is the harder to fix. You can do most of the things you do with colix and in some circumstances they have to be on medication. You should feed them just about sitting up and leave them in this position for as long as possible. Never lay them flat as this will make the pain much worse. Put a pillow under their head when changing their nappy and raise up one end of their bassinette or cot. Never bounce or rock a reflux baby. You usually find a dummy will help as the sucking easies the pain as well. Most reflux babies love the bottles/boobies as the sucking and the milk really eases the burning. Its the after wards thats the problem. Reflux babies will generally only sleep on you! yet again as it eases the pain.

I am not too sure if this has been any help. I am trying to think and type as my son is playing up to get in the study! See how you go and if your son continues over the next couple of days I would take him to either your health nurse or GP. If it is colic it usually fixes itself up when the child turns 3 months.Good luck!
Hi Zacs mum,

Hopefully you will get heaps of great advice for different problems here!

My thoughts, I have heard that S26 does seem to cause some babies constipation! How long has he been on formular??? Maybe consider this, and try another formular!

Try "Infants friend" from the chemist, this helps relax the bowel! It worked wonders with my windy bub! Another product that has helped lots of other mothers is "Infacol", this help to make larger bubbles in the bubs tum for wind rather than lots of little ones!

Also, despite all the thoughts of wind probs, it is very important to have a bedtime routine! Most mums work with the bath, feed, quite play then sleep routine! Although your bub is still very young, you can still start these routines now!

Just a few ideas for you to think about!


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

hi. ive been having the exact same problem with my 7 wk old. ive tried infants friend, gripe water, braur colic relief, rhubarb and soda and nothing worked. the doctor put him on anal suppositories and a stool softener, but i cant use them forever. he had a check up yesterday and i was told to leave him on the stool softener (lactoluse) and some mylanta. 3 mls twicw a day.
i also changed his formula today, so i will see how that goes. ive heard too that s-26 isnt the best so i now have him on the karicare gold which has seemed to help him a bit today.
try the mylanta, that seems to settle my bubs tummy down a bit.

Thanx to all for your responses

Calebsmum you have some great tips, it sounds like it may be colic or reflux. He does look blue around the mouth, and his poos are big and stuck to his bum they look sticky not at all pellet like.

He has his 6-8 week check up with the paedatrition, so I will see what he thinks

Tyhanx again for your responses, they have been a great help.


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Hello ZacsMum, Our son suffered from both colic and reflux. We found we were our own worse enemies as we realise we didnt spend as much time burping the baby in the night/early morning feeds as we did during the day. Lets face it you are on lack of sleep so if you hear one burp we use to think great thats it now back to sleep for every one!! But in reality we were only making things so much worse as this would be when the pain would start and then the screaming and of course no one got any sleep. Sometimes it wasnt the first feed but the next one would be very different as we were trying to push more milk down in an already windy baby. My son use to scream sometimes and nothing would come out, he was that distressed. Its really painful as you know. Good luck at the paediatrician, please let me know how you go, if you get a chance.
Hi calebsmum

After our visit from the paediatrition, he suggested that it might be the formula (which is S26gold). He said that as my baby was small to date that he is eating more than usual and he might be having an overload of lactose. He told me to try S26LF (lactose free).
Believe it or not after his second bottle already he seem alot more content. 2 days on he has hardly even cried, so I think that might have been the problem.

He also suggested that he may he reflux ( which my does show alot of signs for). He told me to use mylanta or rhubarb and soda water.

It didn't appear to be colic because he cried during the day and night and there was no consistent pattern.

Also he has been pooing so I didn't appear to be constipation.

Well I hope that we have solved the problem, fingers crossed he stays content like he is now.

All the best

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Hi Zacsmum. That is great news, that you seem to have found the problem that is (not that you have a problem) I find its not as bad if I know what it is. At least you have a plan of attack now and things under control which always makes me feel better. I did read in another post about perhaps a link with reflux babies and lactose. They found by changing the formula to the lactose free one there was a great improvement. This is in a post called Sleeping with a gastric reflux baby. I forget exactly where this is now but if you do an advanced search on the left handside for this subject you will find it. I hope things are on the up and up for you. Thanks for keeping us informed.
I had a similar experience with my first son - second baby. He was great the first week in hospital and the first week or two at home but then he just wouldn't settle or sleep at all during the day. He would pull his legs up and literally scream all day. It was a real "hurt" cry too - really high pitch. After weeks of not knowing what to do, I was on the verge of depression when out of desperation, I took him to the local health clinic who suggested he had reflux and I should try Mylanta. I was a bit sus at first but luckily I had my paediatrician visit the next day and I explained to him the situation. He concurred that I should try Mylanta and if it makes a difference, I should get him onto either Zantac or Losec.

I tried Mylanta and it did make a difference. He stopped screaming and actually had a little sleep. I took him straight to the GP that day as I had been advised that Zantac takes about 10 - 14 days to get to its full working stage. I then did a day stay at my local child health clinic to teach him to sleep again as he was so sleep deprived, he had literally forgotten. Wow, what a difference this made. I actually saw him sleep in a basinett next to a crying baby. Apart from him getting some good sleep, I saw for myself that he actually could do it. That was the biggest relief.

I also learnt that reflux can start off pretty much non-existant and get worse over the first few months so you may have this great baby who sleeps well for the first few weeks and then have 7 weeks of hell like me! 40% of babies suffer reflux to some extent so its worth thinking about.

Anyway, I hope you find out what works best for your little one

Qld, 3yr & 5 mth old

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