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No routine and won't sleep Lock Rss

Hi, I am experiencing some difficulties with my 3 month old son. When we have gotten into some kind of routine, something happens and we lose the routine. He has never really been a sleeper for during the day, but has always slept pretty well of a night. We have recently moved and I figure it is time to try the routine again and hopefully try and get some peace during the day with a little sleep smile. We would love him to sleep through the night, but he wakes at 2.30 every morning for a feed and then sleeps again from 3 - 4am. By 4pm he is a grumpy little man who screams constantly because he is over-tired.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as my hubby and I are going a little crazy.

Tanya, Qld, 3 mth baby

Hi gaztin, sorry to hear you are having so much trouble with your bub, i too have a 3 month old daughter but i am lucky enough to have her sleep from 6pm to 7am and has done for 3 weeks now, i will just start off by saying that babies probably wont take to a routine, unfortunately night waking is expected in babies under 6 months of age HOWEVER maybe this will work for you - i know this sounds silly but it worked for us, when she gets agitated around 4:30pm i perservere by talking and cuddling her until 5:30 i then tell her she will be having a bath, then food, then bed and keep repeating these to her and do everything in that order so that she goes to her cot at 6pm when i tell her that it is time to sleep, i did this every night for several weeks and she slowly went from waking at 12am to 2am to 4 am to 7am and during those night wakes i would keep the lights off and not talk to her or stimulate her in any way, if she cried when she went back to bed i gently rubbed her head telling her it was still sleep time. sounds stupid i know but hey its worth a shot it worked for a friend of mine also. ps. my baby wont day sleep either just cat naps. goodluck
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