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Advice appreciated! Wont sleep more than 1hr during day Lock Rss

Hi Guy's,
I have a beautiful boy who's 12weeks and for the last week or so he won't sleep more than 1hr during the day. He use to sleep in blocks of 2-3hours.
This is driving me crazy coz i have to distract him till his next feed.This is not to mention how tired it's making me beacuse he is also now waking between 6-7am and wont go back down even if he's last feed was at 5am!!!!!!!!!.
He is still feeding every 2-3 hrs,even at night although i normally get 1 four hr sleep from him.

Any suggestions?

Rachael, Kobe 21/8/2005

my DD is 14 weeks and for a week or so now she only sleeps 30 minutes to an hour during the day. She sleeps 8-9 hours at night and used to go straight back to sleep after her 5am feed but now won't. She is wide awake and very vocal!

They change all the time. Just when you think they have a routine, they will change it!

My first daughter didn't sleep through the night till 6 months. Maybe your son is hungry?? Try feeding him a bit more and see.
My only advice i can say is.....your the boss, you have to teach bub to sleep. I know this sounds like I'm a [email protected]#$% but in just a couple days of trying to get bub to sleep properly you might find he'll start sleeping again. It may be a growth spurt or one day of an unusual routine (ie being away from home longer than usual) that has broken his sleeping habits but be a little bit strict with when he should be sleeping and he should respond positively to it. If you look at "Bad day sleeper" & "whats ur routine" posted by ashtonsmum in this section I have written what I do with my little man and it works a treat. He is now 4 months old and ever since about 2 and a half months he's been having 2 hours awake and 2 hours asleep during the day and sleeping through the night. He feeds in four hour blocks during the day. I find sometimes if we go shopping or visiting for longer than expected during the day it may disturb his sleeps the next day so I have to aid him back into his routine a bit. Anyway good luck. smile
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