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she wakes at 2 every night! Lock Rss

my baby is 10 weeks old and overall I feel very lucky as she sleeps well and hardly ever cries. She does, however wake up every night at 2am regardless of when I've put her down. I give her a breastfeed, and she settles back down, but then wakes again at around 5, when I bring her into bed with me. I wish she'd sleep for longer as I am on my own and finding the nighttime feeds harder and harder to cope with, especially as she doesn't really seem that hungry- it's more for comfort. I am considering giving her a formula feed before I go to bed as I've heard this can help them sleep longer. Any ideas?

Ellie, NSW, DD 3 yrs & TTC # 2

I have a 4 month old boy who did exactly the same thing. He has been on the bottle since day 4 but that didnt seem to make any difference, he would still wake up at 2.30am every morning and sometimes only drinking half a bottle. I tried waking him up at 10 or 11pm but that made no difference so i just persisted and he is now sleeping through from his last bottle at 8 or 9pm until anywhere from 5 or 6 am and then goes but down until 8 or 9 am, so thats really good now as I also have a 2 and 1/2 boy.
I just started putting his dummy back in and leaving him and only feeding him if was really awake or upset and it just seemed to get better from there.
They all do it in their own time and hopefully your little one will start sleeping through a bit longer soon because i know how hard it is.
I dont think bottle or formula makes alot of difference because i have heard of breastfed babies sleeping through from 6 weeks.
All the best, if she has a dummy try persisting with that, it did help me.

Tracy NSW, 2 boys, 4 and 2

Hi there, My baby is 9 weeks old and she has been waking around 2am everynight as well. I used to feed her and change her then put her back down, and then she would still wake at 5am for another feed and then she would not go back down to sleep. So what I did one night was when she woke at the usual 2am I just quietly and quickly changed her nappy and then put her back in her bassinette and popped her dummy back in. I rugged her back up and got her back to sleep. Then she woke at the usual 5am for the feed. She still stirs but its now nearer 3am and I still change her and she has been going straight back to sleep. And is slowly getting later and later waking for the 5am feed which is now more or less 6am onwards. So maybe try not feeding at 2am and see if that works. If she wont go back to sleep then give her the feed she wants, but try again the next night. Good Luck to you. I know how it feels having to get up to feed at 2am. Changing a nappy isnt so bad because it dosnt take long.

WA 15 month old


I have a 4week old who is also waking around 2am (what is it with that time of night). I change his nappy and I do feed him, even though he doesn't really seem that hungry. At that time of night I am weaker and give in to him a lot easier. He doesn't like the dummy so it is had to resettle him. But everybody who's written here has given me more incentive to stick with it, esp if I want sleep myself.

Ellie, I agree with Tracy in regards to breast/fomulae fed babies. I don't think giving a bottle of formula will make a huge difference as many breastfed babies sleep thru. This theory didn't work with my 1st son (now 18m.o). I tried giving a bottle of formula for night feed when he was about 4months, for about a week, as he was still waking early hours of the morning. Didn't work, though! He began sleeping thru on his own with breastmilk feeds around 6.5months.

Best of luck and try to be consistent with resettling. She will sleep longer when she's ready as will my little boy. Hopefully sooner rather than later, ey!!




Babies certainly seem to like 2am. Olivia is 7 weeks now and wakes approx 2am and then again anytime between 5 and 7 am.

I've tried a few times to just pop her dummy in. Sometimes it works, other times I get back into bed and she cries again so I go and feed her. After reading other responses to this subject I will try quickly changing her and then popping her dummy in and see how we go.


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