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Please let me know at approximately what age do babies start sleepng through the night

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i hate to say this....but when they want to! my son (11 1/2 mths) started sleeping thru at 10wks but when i say sleeping thru, i mean more than an hour and a half at a time. you will prob find that they start with a block of a few hours, then increase it as time goes on. some people also say it depends on whether you breastfeed/formula feed, i personally say it depends on the individual bub.
good luck!

mum of 1

I agree with Jo77, they are all different. I was really lucky, my son started sleeping through from 7pm - 5 or 6am from about 9 weeks old and he's breastfed. A lot of people say bottle fed babies find sleeping through easier. I think they class sleeping through as anything over 5 hours. Have you spoken to the nurses at your local baby clinic? I always find them really helpful and a wealth of information. Hope this helps.

I have heard alot of mums say that their babies have slept through since day 3 type thing. But then there are alot who haven't. In my case, James didn't really start sleeping through untill he was 12 months! And even now I still have to get up to him on occasions (not to mention teething!). It just depends on your baby, and it probably has to do with us as parents also -routines , dummies and other things that we do.

Kristina, Mum of James 3yrs & Matilda 14 months

Hi Zacs mum,

You may not to read me post! So skip if your feeling optimistic.

My daughter didn't sleep thru properly till 18 months. That happened after a trip to Tassie and she was so worn out by her cousins, she just started a new pattern of 12 hrs sleep straight!

My son is 9.5 months and sleeps 13 hrs a night, but still wakes for a bottle in the early morning!

I hope you do better than me!


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m


I know a few people who have weaned the baby of night feed at around 4 months and then they started sleeping through the night (about 10 hours)

My baby started at 7 weeks.... though hes now 6months and is waking a couple nights a week. Boy thats hard to get used too again.

A friend of mine and my SIL have 2.5yr olds who still dont.

They are all so different.
Hi well all babies are different my first never slept well still dosent now and she is 23 mths old but my now 16 week old son has been sleeping through since he was 9 weeks old and still sleeps all night i guess until the teething starts then it will most likely be stuffed up.
takecare nat
My little girl is now 8 weeks, she started sleeping right through at 5 days, give or take a few along the way during growth spurts etc.
I think it is an individual thing...

woohoo we did it!

Im hoping someone can help me with this one...
My little man slept through the night at 6 weeks of age...last bottle at 10pm, awake at 6am for bottle and play. That was when his overnight "sleep" was 8 hours. Now at 14 weeks old, he has pushed his overnight sleep to 12 hours. He goes to bed at 7.30pm - 8pm and wakes in usually between 7 & 8 the next morning - HOWEVER -....he will wake anywhere bettween 4.30am and 5.30am for a small bottle (15 mins awake total) and then will go straight back to sleep til its time to get up which is usually only a couple of hours later. I like his pattern of early to bed in the evening and early to get up the next morning and I dont want to change that...but I dont like the feed towards the end!! Plus, as it has only been a couple of hours since a feed, when he does get up he doesnt really want a another one or anything. Im at a loss as to what to do with him. I always offer water first for the 4/5am feed and sometimes that will settle him but more than likely not. I've tried a 10pm rollover feed but that doesnt make a difference either. Any suggestions???

Sophie and Daniel's Mum - Tassie

Oh the joys of Mother hood dont you love it. I also have a 6 week old bayden, and he will go to sleep at about 9pm, wake at 3:30am for a feed and sleep till 7 when he wants his next feed.
I sugest you dont give him water at all. At his age, unless it is over 35 degrees he doesnt need any and that fills him up way to much... even if only a few mls can put a big baloon in his tummy and make him feel full.
You have a great sleeping baby be proud and happy. Alot of mums out there are up all night long non stop with endless crying (kinda what hes like with wind)
He will keep wanting that mid early early morning feed for a while yet and as long as he goes back to sleep you really must enjoy it as I fell they are to young to try adn get into any routine except their own.
In my experiance which is only through my girlfriends with babes and my own, I tried bayden with a bit of water the other day twas very hot and he had tummy pains for 2 days right. He didnt even want to sleep I was up every 2 hrs to hug him and put him back to bed.
As long as you keep his early feed quick, quiet and dont let him get worked up and he goes back to bed endure dont know how lucky you are.

mum to bayden 25/02/05

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