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she squirms herself awake Lock Rss

I have a 4 week old baby who wont sleep on her own. I have to hold her to get her to sleep then when I put her down on her own she squirms until she wakes herself and wont go back to sleep unless I pick her up again. I cant wrap her as it is too hot to sleep with anything. I've tried holding her arms and legs still when I put her down but this doesn't work for long. I'm open to any suggestions - please help!!
Hi Rebecca, my 6.5 week old does the same thing, but she has reflux and it gets pretty uncomfortable for her. I know you said that it's too hot to wrap her, but have you tried a muslin wrap? It's been a real stinker of a summer here in Sydney and I dress my little one in just a nappy and wrap her in a light muslin wrap, tuck a top sheet under her mattress securely and put the fan on low. Perhaps she's become used to going to sleep in your arms, so when she goes into a light sleep and finds herself not there, she won't settle until you pick her up? What I do for my little girl is settle her in her cot by wrapping, patting, dummy, etc., and once she is settled but still awake, leave the room. This gives her the chance to learn to get herself to sleep. It doesn't happen overnight though, as I too fell into the habit of holding her til she slept and it's been a tough one to undo, but she is getting better.

Angela, NSW

I am a true believer in a wrapped baby. My son is only 10 weeks old and sleeps 12 hours a night, wrapped. I firmly wrap his body and lay him in his cot on his side with a support front and back (rolled towelling nappies) to make him feel secure and stop him from rolling on his tum!! Occasionally he wriggles free but I just go in and fix the wrap without talking or eye contact and he drifts back off again. On the hot days I put him to sleep in his nappy and singlet and use a light muslin wrap. Consistency and routine are important and babies need to be wrapped to replicate the security of the womb!! Try and use picking bub up as a last resort- they are smart and will expect this each time you enter their room.

Mel, NSW, Riley , Flynn & Ethan

I have a 10 week old baby who sleeps very well, and I believe it is because I wrap her firmly every time I put her down to sleep. This stops her waking up from her startle reflex. Wrap her firmly so that she can't startle, lie her on her back, and you'll be amazed how fast she settles and how long she'll sleep for!

Ellie, NSW, DD 3 yrs & TTC # 2

I have a 8wk old boy who squirms alot i hold him tightly in my arms wrapped and when he starts to close his eyes i but him to bed, i find if i close my eyes also when he opens them he sees im asleep also well thats what i hope he thinks and maybe he will copy they say they copy off there parents so hopefully this will work sometimes i just cant get him to settle so i start the whole routine again such as nappy change, rocking chair while wrapped then off to bed and if all else failes i stick him in the pram tightly wrapped and go over the bumps on the carpet and tiles until hes very drowsy and relaxed then off to bed and i wrap him in a sheet also so he finds it harder to get is hands and arms out if he comes untucked i re-wrap him in bed i never pick him up again i roll him on his side and pat his back until hes still again then then roll him back on his back and leave the room. Its all trial and error somethings work some days and not others. GOOD LUCK

Michelle NSW,8wk boy

I have been in a similar circumstance. I am also in qld and have found that no matter what i tried in the earlier weeks it didn't work. After a visit from the child health nurse, she recommended that i try the following :- wrap the baby in a light wrap before you are finished feeding him, then finish his feed and let him drift partially off to sleep after which before he gets too comfortable put him in his cot and let drift off to sleep. if he wakes pat his tummy or his back to get him off to sleep. I tried that but i also tried letting him drift off to sleep on his tummy and then when he was really floppy, i rolled him onto his back. I have also found that letting him go off to sleep in my arms first he sleeps better and feels more comfortable to sleep for a good 4 hours.

I hope that helps. Good luck keep trying, if all else fails try speaking to the riverton centre in brisbane they are really helpful and offer good advice and you can do a day time session with them to practice what advice they give you plus becuse you are there all day they can help you with other techniques that may help settle your little one.

Nic & Craig, QLD, Xavier 6weeks old

Thank you all for your input. We have overcome our problem now. While it was still very hot I'd put her on her belly and then roll her over once she was sound asleep and she would sleep for about 3-4 hours. Now that it is not as hot I wrap her and can put her down wide awake and she usually falls asleep herself for 5-6 hours at night and 2-3 during the day. I do believe wrapping has helped alot although it wasn't practical to do so at first, even with the fan on it was still too hot for her.

Thanks again
muslin wrap would be good. to save holding them you can buy special blankets and stuff that have a heart beat. or pillows with womb sounds, stuff like that...

Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

i have a 4mth old baby, and from when she was born till now she loves to be wraped up when she goes to sleep, exept for when shes in the car, she can only fall asleep when shes wraped up and its good. when she was 3weeks old she started to sleep all night which was very good for me.

my first daughter who hatted to be wraped up from when she was born. i had to make her go to sleep in my arms b4 i could put her in her bed and she slept with her hands behind her head which i thought was very cute but now she is 18mths now and likes sleeping with her bottom in the air

Salwa, 2 girls, sydney

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