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The Implant? Lock Rss


I am thinking of getting the implant this time instead of using the pill. I was wanting to get some responses from other mums who have used this form of contraception to whether it is good or bad! I do understand that any form effects everyone differently but I just want to find out about it from others who have had experience with it before I make my decision!

Any comments would be great!


Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

I think one of the main issues with the implant is whether or not you want any more children.
I wanted to get the implant as well but because it lasts for so long, i'm reconsidering and getting the pill as i might want to have another child in 2 years or so.
You should really decide if you will be wanting to have more children before getting the implant, also speak to your doctor, i do not know too much about the implant but a few people i know have used it and say that it is really good, but again it would be best to speak to your doctor

Mummy to Talana Michelle Kimberley (13/12/2003)

Thanks for your input! I don't know whether I am going to have any more children but if I do I would like about a 3 year gap between them! I know I can get it removed if I want more children and if I did, I wouldn't be in any rush, just fall pregnant when I fall pregnant! I was more interested in finding out about the side effects to weigh up whether it's worth it or not!

Thanks anyway

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

I had implanon and it was nothing but trouble and I have heard this from others as well. The idea of not having to take the pill was what made me do it. The side affects just weren't worth it! My period was pretty well constant for the whole 6 months, moody, hair fell out, acne,and lots more. And when I had enough it turned into a major op to get it out cause it had moved.

Mum to 3 boys, baby girl!!!

I am also curious as too what othes think of the implant. After my first son I went on the mini pill. I was breastfeeding till he was 9months. But I kept forgetting to take it. My major downfall. My 2nd son is 6 days old and I don't plan on having any more. I am very seriously considering the implant this time. Just have to weigh the pros and cons. Let me know what you find out.



I had the implant in for about a year. I only stuck with it because i can't take the pill and there was'nt any other choice. I had my periods every two weeks some times for two weeks at a time. My skin got so bad in the end i was embaressed to go out people kept asking what i had done to my face and i have never even had acne not even as a teenager. My hair fell out in clumps and looked like it was dead. I also had major mouth ulcers up to six at a time i could'nt eat sleep or breath without being in agony. The mood swings were the worst i turned into a nut case riping everyone to shreds for no reason. I was obsessive about the house work the kids and my husband were enemy number 1. It was like living in some one elses body watching them rant and rave about really stupid things and the whole time thinking you are nuts lady but not being able to stop it. So that was the last straw when i thought i was crazy i had it removed and within 24hrs i turned back in to myself emotionally and the other side effects took about 3 months to stop all together but my period never became regular and it took me 9 months to get pregnant.
And i still have a big scar from the hole they dug in my arm to get the thing out.
My sister in law has just had the new iud put in and she says its really good so far hurts a bit when they put it in though but it last five years and you can get it take out before if you want.
Hope this helps

Stacey, Tas, 4 boys

I used an implant for two years. I had trouble with the pill because I often have to take antibiotics, and I tried the depo provera injections, but they seriously affected my moods. I had no trouble with the implant, and only had it taken out early because I wanted to get pregnant (which we also had no trouble with).

Due September 2004

I had the implant in after my son was born and it was nothing but trouble.

I am a regular 28 day cycle girl and i was getting constant spotting and a full on period every two weeks.

As well as that I had horrible moodiness when my oeriods were coming up and poor hubby copped the lot. I felt really out of control with my moods and was either constantly crying or yelling.

I did have it out after 11 months and fell pregnant with my daughter after just one period.

I didn't have any dramas with it going in or coming out and I only have a little scar. The more experienced a doctor is a inserting them the better off you will be. I was told by my hospital when i was having it inserted that they had to undergo a full course on the correct way to get it put in and that most ordinary GP's don't have that available to them.

Good luck
well my aunty had it in and also had probs when she got it out they told her she counld have anymore children. till now she still has probs even though its out.
i don't mind taking the pill if u take it right u won't have any probs. what i used to do is put a alarm on on my mobile phone to go off at 5:00pm every day to tell me to take my pill cause i always have my phone with me where ever i go.and have a spare packet i my hand bag in case im not home i can still take it.

Salwa, 2 girls, sydney


All these responses are starting to worry me a little, as I just had the implant last Friday. The only reason I had it is because my Dr said that after two children it is much easier to have an accident by missing a pill or getting sick.

After all these bad responses I am now wondering if I should have kept with the pill.

After reading the info on the internal contraceptive (mirena) there was no way I felt comfortable checking each two weeks whether I could still feel the strings, I also heard it can be uncomfortable for both parties during sex.

Well I must say it has only been a week since I had the implant with no side effects, I just hope it stays that way. If so I will be very happy with it.


S Brooks, Hobart

I considered having the implant too, until my sister mentioned that her friend was having problems with it. Apparently the doctor has put the implant in too deep and she suffered massive bruising and pain when the doctor tried to remove it. I asked my GP about it and she said that there is always a chance that when we insert foreign objects into our bodies that it could move around... a bit scary as I don't want to have a piece of plastic travelling around in my body.

Also, you need to make sure that your doctor knows how to insert the implant properly or you could fall pregnant...
All contraceptions affect people differently. It is really just trial and error!

I have had no problems with mine although I have heard so many horror stories about it. I was a bit scared after I got it put in, but I just had the attitude that if it started having negative affects I'd take it out.

I think with anything you always hear more horror stories than the success stories (or you just remember the horror stories more!)

Good Luck!
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